When did you stop swaddling?

Amanda S 0 likes

I stopped around 3 months mainly because he always wanted his hands above his head to sleep

L M 0 likes

When my LO was about a month I stopped swaddling. I didn't want him to become reliant on it.

M K 0 likes

Around 2-3 months at night and 4-5 months for naps.

Ali A 0 likes

The only time swaddling becomes an issue is when they start rolling over. Besides that, you choose when to stop.

Christina K 0 likes

I stopped at a month

L F 0 likes

After one month because my LO began rolling over onto her side and sometimes onto her stomach. I now use a zipadee zip to help her sleep and she loves it.

Carissa O 0 likes

When they roll. My daughter never liked it. She la always been a wiggle worm and likes to move. My son loved it! We made him into a baby burrito for the longest! Like, even bought bigger sized blankets so we could still Swaddle because he loved it so much lol.

K & A's Mama 0 likes

We still swaddle at 5 months but don't tuck in baby girl's arms. The swaddle acts as a safe blanket. When she starts rolling I'll probably stop with the swaddle altogether, or maybe just at naps when I'm watching her closely on the monitor.

Jessica L 0 likes

I should have stopped but now my LO is six months and he still loves it. But I love it to... It's just so comfy.

Tyler H 0 likes

At 2 weeks. He stretched out and was done. I think whenever your baby protests it's time to stop.

Linsi M 0 likes

Shortly after we came home from the hospital. I didn't want them becoming dependent on it for sleeping.

Carrie W 0 likes

3 months for us

Alyssa G 0 likes

Honestly I pretty much stopped after a week. My baby would somehow wiggle her arms out. She didn't like to be swaddled.

Amanda H 0 likes

Around 2 months it got harder and harder bc he would always break out of them (he was/is an extremely big baby..99th percentile for length) as soon as he hit 3 months I decided to longer swaddle. Even though I got really good at it, he would break out almost every night.

Danie M 0 likes

Less than a week after they were born

Kacie S 0 likes

4 months

Margaret S 0 likes

3 mo but went to the swaddle sleep sack with arms out but it's still tighter around his body.

New M 0 likes

3 months unless he was really fussy then we tried anything

Darla C 0 likes

2 weeks once my little guy started fussing and kicking his swaddle blanket loose:) he hasn't used it since:)

Savannah L 0 likes

A couple of weeks. My lo hates not having her arms and legs free.

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