When did you stop breastfeeding? LO is 6 1/2 months and has never had formula or anything but after starting solids breastfeeding has become so difficult. He barely wants to eat and I am in pain a lot even if I pump. I am considering switching to formula but don't want to be judged or make the wrong decision 😩

Ann S 2 likes

Don't feel judged. Do what's best for you and your family. I had to stop at 2 months for personal reasons. People don't understand the personal reasons. πŸ˜€.

K L 1 like

It's totally your call and about doing what is right for you and your LO. Breast milk is way better for LO but if it isn't working, it isn't working. By going for 6 mo you already lowered your LO's risk for many diseases. It's a personal choice. Your supply might naturally decrease with the way LO is doing. That might allow you to do a combo of breastfeeding and formula feeding, or just slowly wean to formula. Or this could just be a stage with LO and it'll pass.

MommyOfTwo 1 like

First kid I stopped at 3 almost 4 months. Second, I'm still doing it and he's 7 months but I'm ready to quit also. It's super hard working full time and taking care of him and my 3 yr old. Every minute counts and its consuming my time at work also especially since he's eating solids now. Don't feel judged even if other people tell you otherwise. Don't make yourself miserable your baby will be fine either way. 😊

Sarah * 1 like

Don't worry about what other people think! Any one that judges someone for not Breast feeding is an idiot! Do what you think is best! If your in pain then it's not worth it. If you really like breast feeding then maybe talk to a lactation specialist to see if there is something you can do. 6 months is really good! I only made it 2 weeks EBF with my son and 2 months supplementing with my son cuz I didn't produce enough. I'm on 3 months EBF with my daughter and hoping to make it at least 6mo-1yr

Car P 1 like

My LO did the exact same thing. I only pump twice a day and formula feed the rest of the time.

Cara J 2 likes

I'm all for breastfeeding as long as you possibly can and I personally wish that every mom would at least try. However, good for you for making it this far. Any breast milk is better than none. And more important than breastfeeding is to be a healthy, happy mom. Do what you want and feel is best for you and baby. And don't worry about what anyone else thinks!

Carissa W 1 like

I've been fortunate enough to make it 11 months but am planning on starting to wean at 1 yr.

Whitney A 2 likes

It's a difficult transition from breast feeding to formula. I'm In about the same position you are. We started supplementing with formula for our almost 5 month old because I wasn't producing enough. Don't ever feel guilty for feeding your baby formula. I cried and cried the first time I had to give my LO formula. But now I'm used to it, and she's healthy and happy and that's what is important!

Danielle 1 like

In worried that since he isn't eating as much my supply is going to plummet and it just worries me. The only two times he is actually getting a good feeding in are right when he wakes up and right before bed. The other three times are 5-10 minutes and then he starts getting mad until I give him solids. I am trying my best but I am so stuck on not giving him formula that it is stressing me out very badly. I just want him to be getting enough of what he needs. He does sleep through the night.

Dana D 1 like

there is no wrong decision for your baby! every child and mother are unique. do what is best for YOUR situation. there is no shame in formula-feeding, and anyone that would make you feel that is not a good supporter. of course it's recommended to breastfeed for at least a year, so continue to nurse as much as you can and then supplement with formula.

Melissa M 1 like

7 months still going

S T 1 like

You need to do what is right for you and your unique situation. Happy mom = happy baby. Fwiw, I'm still nursing my 2.5 year old and he started doing 5 minute (10 minutes was an exceptionally long session for us) nursing sessions only on one side around 4 months old.

Danielle 1 like

ST that is exactly what my LO is doing! I will keep going and doing it if he is getting enough. I am just worried that he isn't. Which would be the only reason for me switching to formula.

S T 1 like

My guess is that he's just gotten extremely efficient. I can definitely say that's the case for us. πŸ˜„

Rachel L 1 like

Do what's best for you and your baby! I pumped exclusively for 3 months cause my son wouldn't latch. It got too hard for me and because of it I was always stressed which wasn't good for my son. I switched to formula and we've both been happier since! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Do what you need to do. If anyone says anything, f them.😊

Danielle 0 likes

Thanks everyone.

Jes S 1 like

Are your breast shields the right size? That could be why you are in pain after pumping

Danielle 0 likes

I don't know if they are or not.... How can you tell?? I feel like I'm not getting emptied out even though I had been before...

K L 1 like

Don't know if you got everything fixed? If you are still having problems getting emptied out (if it was a pump?) and it has membranes, make sure you've replaced them recently! That makes a huge difference!

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