When did you start your baby on homogenized milk? I know rule of thumb is 12mos but I've also heard that some start earlier?

Coryn P 1 like

We started in small increments at 11mo. Actually it was the last week of her being 11mo.

Maddie 1 like

My pedi said 1 year and I think that's the right way to go.

Nikki S 1 like

I've started at 11 months with all my kids. I mixed half their bottle with milk once a day. Every week, I would make it more milk. By their birthday they would have one full bottle(or cup) a day. After that, it was easy to go straight to milk

Roseann S 0 likes

Thanks Ladies!!

Ariana Z 0 likes

I started at 11 months in small amounts and my bbg just got fully on whole milk yesterday she's almost 12 months, I felt bad just fully started her on whole milk it would have killed her stomach, my doctor agreed and said weaning was the best way to go

Kawanna D 0 likes

My friend started at 10 months bbbuuutttt her child is over weight now ssssoooo I wouldn't do it

Sara S 0 likes

We started between 9-10 months.

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 0 likes

I started maybe one week before her first birthday. 2 ounces of milk in her 8 ounce bottle

Trena T 0 likes

I had to change my first son to whole milk by 7 months, I couldn't afford the formula anymore.. And he's 3 and only weighs 34lbs. We didn't switch him over to 1% until he was 2.5 years old.

Lindsey P 0 likes

My doc said 8 mos

Sweet A 0 likes

I can't stand dairy milk. The hormones the uncleanliness, yuck! It's so overrated and overused. I'm the weird mother that started mine on veggie milks at about 10 months along with their finger foods. Not much, just an ounce or two. If you insist on using dairy, I'd say wait till after they're past 1 year. Good luck ☺️

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