When did you start transitioning from breastfeeding to a bottle? Is it to soon to start bottling now when my LO is 2 weeks old?

JVP 0 likes

Why would u want to stop?

Brooke * 0 likes

That's about when I started pumping because I wasn't sure she was eating enough while nursing but now it's hard for her to latch because she's so used to a bottle.

Maddie 0 likes

It's up to you, the older your LO gets the harder.

Kate F 0 likes

I'd say the sooner the better to introduce a bottle. My 4 month old absolutely refuses a bottle. I go back to work in April so now it's a race against the clock to get him used to it.

Haley J 0 likes

They say to allow at least six weeks at breast to avoid nipple confusion. However, ultimately the decision is yours. We had trouble with latch in the beginning so from 2 weeks to 6 weeks we bottle fed breast milk. Then one day I tried to breast feed and bam she latched like a pro and has been breast fed ever since. She now takes bottles occasionally and is 10 months old. If you are going to stop breast feeding, are you still going to pump? Bm is best but formula is just fine as well!

Desiree Z 0 likes

4-6 weeks. I pumped and gave my daughter milk in a bottle during that time and she has no problem going back and forth. I mainly feed from the breast though since it's easier- no clean up!! :)

Rio S 0 likes

Yes, 2 weeks is too soon as bottles or pacifiers right now can deplete your milk supply. Your supply is still establishing so continue breastfeeding on demand every 2-3 hours in order to establish your milk supply. Bottles can be introduced much later around 4 months once baby is used to nursing and once your supply has established.

Anna S 0 likes

When my some was born the lactation consultant at the hospital said I could do it at 3 weeks. He was actually about 2 1/2 when I did and I did what she said. My hubby sat beside me where he could still hear me and smell me but my husband fed him the bottle. So he thought it was okay to eat since I'm there. After about a month after he was a pro and would let anyone feed him or take the breast. Don't be alarmed if you have probs with a bottle though. Let someone else feed baby.

Rachel C 0 likes

We had a huge problem with latching and started breast milk from the bottle at one month!

Hailey T 0 likes

I would now but it's up to u my daughter is 8 months now and refuses to use the bottle cause I always breastfeed her

Mommy O 1 like

I switched off and on from day one. I would recommend not waiting to long. Like anything older than 4m they start getting harder to transition

Boy M 1 like

I gave a bottle to my son at 2 weeks and he has no problem from breastfeeding to bottle and vice versa. Good luck!

Mindy K 0 likes

I transferred to bottles after about a week. I had terrible itching. when I nursed. Best way to switch to bottles, what I recommend, is to pump & give your LO breastmilk bottles. At least as a transition. Along the way start to supplement with formula (if you plan to do formula), it'll help your LO wean and you won't have a ton of breast pain when you stop nursing. I got my LO to full formula by 2 1/2 months.

Ri R 0 likes

My LO had a bottle at two weeks. She's still breastfed and bottle fed with no problems

Ashley M 0 likes

Oh yes introduce the bottle ASAP. My 4 month old will not take the bottle. Iv been trying since she was a month. I'm talking about I'v bought 5 different brands, and she just won't take it. And it's my breast milk in there... No bottles no pacifiers only boobies! Lol

Stephanie A 0 likes

My son is 6 weeks and introduced the bottle about 3 days after he came home. He won't nurse anymore and if he dies it's only for about a min then he gets frustrated and cries. So I just strictly pump. It's a bit of work but it's worth it

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I don't want to stop breastfeeding but my husband is pushing the issue because I am not sleeping at night. He wants to be able to help. I understand but this is my first and his second. I have a step daughter who is 14 and my husband wants her to help more... But I am selfish as ever... I don't want my little one to see her as the mom. I am just upset... I feel pressed from every angle. Any thoughts??

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