When did you start reading to your LO? For my baby shower, instead of bringing a card I requested everyone bring their favorite children's book & sign their name in it. My LO is almost 3 months & I have sooo many books it's ridiculous! I wanna read to her but I feel like it won't go as good as I picture it in my head lol she doesn't like to sit still! Would reading to her while she's asleep be beneficial?

Kristen 2 likes

They still listen, I used to read to my little guy when he was young and playing around in the same room. Every once in a while he would come over but now he's 21 months old and he sits in my lap and we read books!

AAJ C 2 likes

We've read to LO from day one and she loves it! I say go for it and put those books to good use 😊

Jessica'sMom 3 likes

I read to my LO even if she seems like she's busy doing something else :) she can hear the sound of your voice and that's good already :)

Dakotas M 2 likes

I did the same thing at my baby shower I was reading to my daughter in my tummy & even now

K R 2 likes

Thanks ladies! :)

C L 2 likes

My fiancé read to him while he was in my belly, every single night. And now we read every night since he was born and he loves it!

Angie . 3 likes

I started very early but he has only recently got interested around 1 year.. He's still a frequent page flipper at 15 months now but brings me books to read

K R 1 like

I'm gonna try to start reading to her tonight then, make it apart of our bed time routine :)

Angie R 1 like

We have read to her almost every day since she was born. She is 8 months old and loves her books. She will even turn the pages on some of her board books. However, we try to read to her in the morning because that's when she's most receptive to it. Reading at bedtime would be an epic failure only because she gets a little crazy when it gets close to bedtime.

Face M 1 like

My LO didn't always sit still, but at 7 mos he tends to sit and listen and watch. When he takes his bottle at night or while breast feeding I can read.

Crystal Q 1 like

We've read to my son from day 1 - he loves books & will now sit & flip through them himself during the day

Kristin B 1 like

I started the day my LO was born. She loves books now. They may not get it and it may not go your way but it is so beneficial for them 😝

Haley W 1 like

Same as someone said before. We read in the morning and/or after naps. She wasn't interested before bed. She was too sleepy! I have heard its good to teach them a new skill or read before they sleep bc sleep helps them retain and learn the skill. Maybe when she's older we can try before bed.

Linzy F 1 like

I had a baby book bank too for my shower. I read to my LO every day! He's only 2 months but he coos and smiles and wiggles the whole time 😀😀

Tonya H 0 likes

Start now! It's never too soon. They love to hear the sound of your voice. It increases their vocabulary. And it develops a routine so they are used to it by the time they can understand it! We did the same thing! We also signed up for dolly partons imagination library. Google it. He gets a free book monthly til he turns five. Depends on area of it is offered. It will tell you. No cost at all.

Holly P 0 likes

After a bottle and bath I lay my son down at night and read to him until he falls asleep, he is only 3 months but he pays attention to me and it relaxes him

C M 0 likes

It's always good to read. My kids have always loved listening, but the didn't get interested in looking at books by themselves or bringing me books to read until about 1year old.

C P 0 likes

I started reading to my little one from day one. He doesn't always tolerated it sometimes he really enjoys it. It's never too early to start stimulating the brain with books

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