When did you start feeling movement while pregnant? I cant quite remember when I felt it with my first pregnancy

Mommyandbaby 0 likes

At 19 to 20 weeks 😊

Sonia S 0 likes

17 weeks

Adriel's Mama 0 likes

About 18 weeks or so

Out N 0 likes

First 4 months. Second 3 months

L M 0 likes

14 weeks 😘

Sofie D 0 likes

Around 21-22 weeks.

Laura D 0 likes

20 weeks

Ann S 0 likes

17 weeks

Jen S 0 likes

16 weeks

Mom of Boys 0 likes

I can't remember with my first two but with this one it was past 20 weeks. I thought it was sooner with my first two but I could be wrong. It depends on the position on the baby and the placenta though. Overall I have not feel as many quicks with this one as my other two and not as strong.

Paty C 0 likes

20 weeks

S S 0 likes


Kade's M 0 likes

14wks and then it stopped til 19wks! talk about scary!! but she had just expanded her "condo" so she had extra room & i didnt feel the movements anymore til she grew too & it got more crowded in there...lol

Ava's M 0 likes

I didn't feel my first movement until like 24 weeks but my doc said it was normal since this is my first pregnancy

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