When did you start feeding your baby scrambled eggs? I have been reading a lot of mixed reviews. Some sites say wait until 12 months, and some say earlier.

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I would say wait to at least a year.

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I have my little one scrambled eggs around 10 months. Later, I found out you should probably wait until they're one. Luckily nothing happened. But, it's just like peanut butter and honey, it could potentially cause an allergy.

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6 months. Studies now show that holding off on "allergenic" foods may actually be part of the cause of increased food allergies. Unless there is a history of family food allergies, babies can have anything except honey and whole nuts after 6 months.

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Babies under 1 shouldn't have honey because of the risk of botulism not allergies. Whole nuts should be avoided because they are a choking hazard.

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You can do egg yolks as young as 6 months, but wait until 12 months to do egg whites. The allergy is usually with the egg white. I gave my baby egg yolk at 9 months.

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I would wait until a year just to be safe, because an egg allergy would really suck! There's egg in so much yummy food!

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I gave my son eggs when he was old enough to chew probably 7 months old but at a year and a half one day he had egg and swelled up his throat closed off completely and he stopped breathing in a matter of 5 minutes so he can't have anything with egg now or any kind of nut either. I would say do what you think is best for the child apparently they may not be allergic to it right away but build an allergy to it I have no history of allergies he was the first one I had to go through this with

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Thanks everyone!!

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I was giving my daughter mashed potatoes at 2 1/2 months. And shared my eggs with her when she was 6 months old. I do understand the allergy thing but since neither of us have allergies on our side. I didn't see where it hurt. She was eating peanut butter cookies and peanuts at 13 months.

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Nikki that is so scary! Thank god your son is okay. I give my son eggs, have been since about 7-8 months.

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Yup after they turn one

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My ped said 12 months

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