When did you give your LO a pacifier? My LO is 10 days old and had her first pediatrician appointment today. They suggested we try giving her a pacifier at night because we have been having a hard time getting her to sleep in her bassinet. I feel like it's still to early to give a pacifier but what do you think? She often will wake up and act like she is hungry during the night but falls asleep just after a few sucks when I BF her.

Kaylee L 0 likes

I gave my son a pacifier just a couple days old. He was 6 weeks early and born with Gastrochesis so he couldn't eat for a month. A binky was the only thing that soothed him and helped him sleep better.

Hailey H 0 likes

If you don't want to do the pacifier you can try to give them a few drops of sugar water. I gave my son the pact at 6 weeks because I stopped breastfeeding because my milk was going away. With my daughter she was about 4 days old I was trying to breastfeed but it didn't really work out. But do what you are comfortable with. You can always try it or you can also try your finger. Sometimes they just want to suck but are hungry. Kids can be confusing.... But I love mine!!!

Alexis K 0 likes

I gave my LO one a couple days after he was born also. Some hospitals actually give you a pacifier when the baby is born.

Brittany B 1 like

Yeah my baby had a paci in the hospital but first when we brought him home he wanted nothing to do with it, at around 2 months he started to love them, now he's 4 months old & wants it when he naps & at night when he wakes up to fuss we just put that in & he goes right back to sleep. Usually sometime through the night he spits it out though but stays asleep.

Kara P 0 likes

They say not to use pacifiers until baby is 1 month old to prevent nipple confusion. Breastfeeding is hard enough (at least my 1st month was) without adding that to the mix. I would wait it out. You're halfway there already anyway.

Jen M 0 likes

It's good to give a paci, the babies digestive system starts at his mouth while sucking so having a paci keeps his system moving and soothes him to sleep. All positives! Once the infant is entering toddler time (around a year) the paci should be done...

Samantha F 1 like

I broke down at 3 days. Because my son would want to be on the boob all night long just to suck on something. The pacifier was a life saver. Got some decent sleep once we gave in.

L M 2 likes

I gave my son a pacifier probably a few hours after he was born in the hospital. He didn't keep it in right away, but soon after he got it down.

Amanda C 0 likes

I'm with Samantha. After days of my son basically living on my breast just to be soothed, I broke down and gave him a paci. He loves it, and he never had any nipple confusion because of it.

Meghan M 0 likes

My son was in the NICU and the nurses have it to him immediately. It has worked great to settle him.

Rocio M 0 likes

Nurse gave a smoothie to my baby when he was 2 days old (without asking me😑) but it's been a life saver and he won't take pacifiers for some reason

Kelsey M 0 likes

I gave my son a pacifier the day after he was born. He was using me as a pacifier (which was painful!) just to have something to suck on. It works wonders. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to tell the difference from when he was really hungry or just wanted something to suck on...but they figure out a way to let you know! Anytime he is fussy and rejecting his binky, that's like his way of telling me, "nope, I'm really hungry mom!"

Andrea O 0 likes

I have my LO her pacifier at 2 days old. She loves it. Calms her right down.

Mama Of M*** and A*** 0 likes

Couple hours after birth. We like Avent pacifiers

Mikaela U 0 likes

I gave my lo pacifier since day 1

Marianne M 0 likes

The NICU nurses tried to give my LO a paci from the get go (she has a strong suck reflex) but she wasn't interested in anything but momma. It's not to early. Some LO want to suck and the paci works.

Kristen 0 likes

I breastfed and waited 3 weeks just so she'd know the difference between nipples!

Ashley L 0 likes

Both my babies got pacifiers in the hospital, my 6 month old sleeps all night as long as he has his pacifier. I understand it will be a hard habit to break, but it works & makes him happy lol!

Tricia B 0 likes

We gave my son his pacifier in the hospital. Babies love to suck, and it soothes them. They actually need it, and after 9 months you can take it off of him. It's habit after 9 months. to each it's own I know some people don't believe in pacifiers, but I think it's so sad to not give them one.

Kayleigh E 0 likes

My daughter had a pacifier the night she was born

A V 0 likes

All of my boys got one in the hospital.

Jessie A 0 likes

My first child had one in the hospital and broke her self at 6 months. My second didn't get one for 2 months. She doesn't hardly take one now at 6 months.

Samantha 0 likes

My LO was given a paci the day she was born. Just pushing a baby out and having an epidural made this momma tired and I had difficulty walking around to soothe LO in my arms.

Maghen C 0 likes

They said in my breastfeeding class at the hospital not to introduce a pacifier too soon because it may create nipple confusion and make it harder to get your baby to latch on to breastfeed

Jessica R 0 likes

We gave one before we were even out of the hospital

Yvonne A 0 likes

As long as baby is feeding well you can go for it anytime. The reason not to would be nipple confusion but if baby takes the breast or bottle fine there shouldn't be any issues.

Becky M 0 likes

We gave our son a paci at 2 days old because he was using me as a paci every 30 minutes.

Mama C 0 likes

We didn't till about 4 months. I suggest not starting it unless you really need too

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