When did everyone stop feeding in the middle of the night? My oldest was probably almost 8 months old bc it just never occurred to me that I didn't have to feed her every time she woke up. Lol. My second is almost 3mo.

S L 2 likes

My LO was 6 weeks old when she stopped eating in the middle of the night

Damien's Mom 3 likes

My lo is 8 mo and still wakes up once to eat, if he doesn't get a bottle he won't go back to sleep.

Laura L 3 likes

12 months

Sarah B 3 likes

My LO just had her 6-mo checkup and her doctor recommended now to wean her off. She said at this age a baby can go 8-10 hours without eating at night.

C L 4 likes

I'm still "feeding" every 2-3 hours at 7 months and would like to stop, but don't know how to go about it.

Caitlin L 2 likes

My 3 month old wakes up at 4 am to nurse. He goes to bed around 8:30

Samantha M 2 likes

Mine around 2 months. Unless you count his 4:30-5am feeding lol but he hasn't got up before that to eat from around 8 weeks old.

Baby M 4 likes

Until a year, they probably need itπŸ’•

Dayan M 1 like

Mine is 17 months and he stills wakes up for his bottle at nigh

EL . 2 likes

My first stopped when she was 5 months , slept 12 hours, and her weight always matched her age. My second wakes up every 4 and I have realized when I feed my Her overnight she eats less during the day !!!!!!!

Jessica T 2 likes

My 11 month old still wakes twice and eats like he's had nothing for days!

Eryn β 2 likes

Mine stopped waking up for his 5 am feeding around 8 weeks. I had him on a feeding schedule. Every 2-3 hours during the day depending on when he got hungry. But never went past 3 hours. He was formula fed though. With breastfeeding, you might still have a night feeding for a while since it is digested quicker.

Marina 1 like

6 weeks

Crystal Q 1 like

My son quit waking in the night at 3 weeks - for us his STTN was 11/midnight to 6:30 at that time (he went down when we went to bed & woke when we woke).

Ally B 1 like

My Mini Man stopped waking up in the middle of the night around 5 mo I think. But since 3 mo old I only fed him once and we slept a until 8am!

Ruth A 1 like

I stopped at 6 months πŸ˜“

Coryn P 3 likes

Well then lol. I'll keep nursing her πŸ˜„ as if I wouldn't ☺️☺️

Courtney M 0 likes

My 8 mo old still gets up once to eat she won't go back to bed any other way! I don't mind it tho I'm only up for 5 min and then right back to bed :)

Alissa O 0 likes

My daughter was 6 weeks old when she started sleeping through the night. I used to feed her around 11pm and then she would sleep till around 7. She is now 3 months old and eats around 9pm and sleeps till around 8.

S S 0 likes

Mine was almost 8mo when she stopped eating through the night. My Pedietrician said its fine until they're 12mo 😊

Sam R 1 like

Mine stopped at 4 months and started waking up again at 6 months. It was A good 2 months while it lasted πŸ˜’

JDM ! 0 likes

Mine stopped by herself waking at 2.5 months.

V R 0 likes

Between 7-8 months.

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