When did all you mommies start your babies on solids? Jar food, cereal, oatmeal, fruit? How often and what age? Also any suggestions on what's most healthy for them and what they liked best? I have a 4 month old. Is it too early?

Taylor & 0 likes

I started my dd on gerber rice cereal wen she started sitting up at 4 months I started fruit n veggie at 6 months

Angel T 1 like

I late my Lo just get the taste of it at 3 and a half months but never a lot. So when she was ready to eat baby food she loved it.

Carrie W 3 likes

You aren't supposed to start until 6 months at the earliest.

Coryn P 1 like

You should wait until baby is sitting up on his own. It greatly reduces the risk of choking. My LO sat up by herself at 6mo and that's when we started with solids. I make her food, and I've always mixed oatmeal or multigrain cereal in with it.

Chelsea A 1 like

My pedi told me 4 months is fine to start some baby food. I am also skipping the rice cereal as it has no benefits it's empty calories. Do what you feel is right and you'll be just fine 😊

Coryn P 1 like

Also, the later you start the smaller the risk of allergies.

Erin S 0 likes

I mix oatmeal into my 5 month olds bottle and use a larger nipple...

Nancy D 0 likes

5 months

MommaJ 1 like

Okay thanks ladies. I didn't want to start yet I just wanted to see what was the norm. We have already tried rice cereal because he has reflux but it didn't help so I quit giving it to him. I just wanted to see when would be a good time.

Sirena L 0 likes

Really unless they have trouble keeping milk/formula down they don't need food until a year. And yes rice cereal is not good. If you do research you will read the enzyme a baby needs to digest rice cereal may not be present until 12-18 months and could cause more problems.

Mande B 0 likes

My baby is 6 months so we just started this. You start at 4 months with just a few spoon fulls. And meat at 6 months

Tiffany A 0 likes

I started mine at 5 months. I think the best time to start them is when their needing more formula just to get full and there still not satisfied.

Whittney I 0 likes

I fed mine at four months baby food

Angela D 0 likes

We start 6 mos.

Marianne M 1 like

I started after 6 months. We added one veggie every 3-5 days at lunch (so we could observe for a reaction), after about a month added oatmeal cereal at breakfast (sometimes with prunes or apricots). We stuck with two meals a day for about 3 months, and finally started solids at dinner too.

Ashley L 1 like

Just a heads up. I talked to my LO'a pediatrician about it (he's almost 3 months, but is a supported sitter already) and she said I could try the oatmeal or whole grain wheat cereal and see how he did. I tried rice cereal and it was too harsh on my guy's tummy, but seems to do well with the oatmeal. I have a huge baby that is CONSTANTLY eating.

Nikki 1 like

I'm starting this week after the cottage at 6 months. I'm starting with sweet potato and avocado or banana. He's satisfied after I breastfeed him but he's so interested when we eat. He stops everything and stares at us haha

Jennifer C 0 likes

I started my daughter at 4 months with rice cereal and stage one baby food. She loved bananas and sweet potatoes the best. She had 2., 4oz jars a day and 3oz of rice cereal.

Coryn P 0 likes

Nikki that's how my 12mo is. She LOVES food and gets so mad if we don't let her have some of what we're eating. I just hope she always likes food like this and doesn't become a picky eater!

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