This is a really random question...When did you stop washing your baby's clothes in dreft or other baby/sensitive laundry detergent and start washing with regular detergent? My LO is almost 5 months old and I still wash with dreft but I was just curious when it's ok to start washing with regular detergent.

Linsi M 1 like

As soon as I finished the first bottle of Dreft I switched to All free & clear (which I then used on everyone's laundry)

Tiziana B 1 like

I did use regular detergent from day 1 and my LO never had an issue.

Megan H 0 likes

Honestly as soon as I ran out of the first dreft bottle I used regular detergent. My son only showed signs of irration when he was 1-2 months old. After that he seemed less sensitive.

Karrine D 0 likes

You can switch anytime but just make sure baby's skin isn't irritated

Eryn β 1 like

I never used it. Just always bought something that wasn't scented. He's 1 now and I don't even bother.

L C 1 like

I use free and clear or all natural on all of my laundry needs for baby and for family and it has been working great

Lish G 0 likes

Started at 6 months and noticed LO came down with a rash. Wait til their 1

Liz C 0 likes

I've always used whatever's on sale to do laundry. Never had a problem with either of my girls.

Jessica C 1 like

There's a baby detergent?!!

Kathy N 1 like

As soon as he was born just use free and clear ... I use arm and hammer on all our wash

Iliana C 0 likes

I still use Dreft & my daughter is 4 yrs old

Brittney G 0 likes

I have always washed my husbands and mine with all free and clear so when baby was born we continued with that. I would recommend using anything free and clear until at least 1 to make sure they aren't too sensitive to others

Alexandria J 0 likes

My LO IS 16 months and I still use dreft...

Becky G 0 likes

I have always used regular laundry detergent with LO's clothes, even the clothes I got from his baby shower! Never had an issue. :)

Sara D 0 likes

I used it until she was almost 3 because she has sensitive skin. Now I use All Free & Clear because the Dreft won't get the stains out.

Marianne M 0 likes

I started using All free & clear when my dd was born. I'm thinking about switching though (now 16 months). I really miss the fresh clothes smell that was my reward for doing laundry

Tsaiann ( 0 likes

Dreft or no dreft ur baby will be fine mine didn't get any allergic reaction to any detergents praise God but if u like dreft y stop

Aprilbaby 0 likes

I never did. From day 1 I have been washing in our regular detergent. I make my own laundry detergent. But I decided not to use the speciality detergents for my LO unless I found he had a reaction and needed it. So far so good I have even used fabric softener on some of his and he's fine. 6 months old by the way

Sara 0 likes

I was hard core about dreft with my first but never used anything special with my 2nd. Never noticed a difference

Megan B 0 likes

Never used dreft really my daughter never had any issues with tide or homemade

Rachel D 0 likes

I still use dreft to this day with my daughters clothes and she's 3 1/2. She has really sensitive skin thigh.

Alyssa C 0 likes

We've used tide from day 1. Never have used dreft and my baby is still alive & well ;)

Katherine T 0 likes

I have always used free & clear.

Dani N 0 likes

I only had a sample so when I first washed my babies clothes then I watched for a reaction and I just use regular from probably week one.

Sarahi V 0 likes

My daughter is 10months and i still use dreft

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