How shortly after your newborn was born did you start leaving him/her with a babysitter?

Michelle T 1 like

8 weeks. I love him, but I couldn't wait to get out of the house. :)

Sara F 2 likes

My little one is 3 months and I've only left her with my mom. I know some day I'll be ready to leave her with a sitter but I'm definitely not ready yet!!

Agatha J 2 likes

We have babysitter but she is my niece and she doesn't come very often. I think I will have a babysitter come more often when I am no longer nursing.

Lauren @ 3 likes

As soon as my babies are comfortable with other people, and take a bottle well (I try to have a few bags of pumped milk in the freezer).

Amara W 1 like

My baby is 3 months. After 1 month I had to hire a nanny and go back to work. I found her on a local nanny site and she is wonderful.

Amy H 0 likes

We didn't leave our son with a babysitter for quite a while! I felt like I was always nursing and I just didn't feel comfortable. I think by 6 months we left him with my in-laws with a bottle of pumped breast milk. We didn't use a babysitter until he was done nursing. With that said, now that I'm expecting baby #2, I'm thinking we will be a bit more relaxed this time around!

Allie S 2 likes

We started with a part time nanny at six weeks.

Stephanie H 0 likes

If you're not sure you'll feel comfortable, you can always have a sitter come while you're home for a couple of hours. You can get some stuff done around the house (or just take a shower!) and then if you see that your baby is in good hands, maybe you'll feel ready to leave the house for a quick outing next time.

Deanna D 1 like

My daughter is 7, I still haven't. Only to Grandmas house. That started at about 3 months old...

Gabi W 1 like

My son was only 2 weeks but I only left for an hour

Nicky J 0 likes

We hired a nanny when my daughter was around 5 weeks, I also had a 22 month old running around and my husband was traveling a lot. I always made sure that I had spare breast milk in the refrigerator which the nanny could give her if needed if I was out running errands :)

Jillian S 0 likes

My first was born with a medical condition, so I was paranoid. My second one? About 4 weeks, grandmommy, 8 weeks our regular nanny. But we did slowly introduce friends, family etc so there wasn't much "stranger" interaction.

Punita V 0 likes

Week 9! We needed some time off to make sure we were sane! Don't let anyone tell you it's too soon!

Tina Y 0 likes

I has to go back to work after 6 weeks. We had to find a nanny. Hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Jessica W 0 likes

I had to go back to work at 6 weeks. She goes to daycare

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