When can I give my LO a blanket? He is 4 months and can roll himself over and has great head control. I'm reluctant to give him a blanket for fear of SIDS or suffocation, but I feel like he has been getting cold at night. What can I do?

Allie C 4 likes

I've had a lot of parents use sleep sacks for the same fear of using a blanket and it works the same if not better in my opinion .

Margaret S 6 likes

Sleep sack and warm jammies!

Linsi M 4 likes

I've always used sleep sacks (still do) & my girls stay nice & warm. Some people put space heaters in their baby's rooms, but that makes me nervous, so I stick with the sleep sacks 😊

Ri R 3 likes

Halo Sleep Sacks! The fleece ones are super warm and they're on sale at Babies R Us right now.

Chelsea S 0 likes

My baby has always slept with blankets since he was a newborn, it just depends how comfortable you feel giving them one! Some nights he wears the footed pjs but he loves sleeping with his ninja turtle blanket

Olivia R 0 likes

Wearable blankets or sleep sacks, they make fleece ones for winter and cotton ones for warmer weather. Also fleece footed pajamas :)

Sarah G 1 like

My 4 MO has used a blanket since she was born. I started with a light receiving blankets. Now she uses a blanket that a friend of my knitted for her. I only pull it up to her mid-back.

Mommy To L 1 like

My baby has slept with a blanket since day one never had. A problem

Jessy B 1 like

You can use the zippity zip up which is great.

Janae M 0 likes

My baby sleeps with a blanket since she was born she's seven months now and never had a problem i put it a little below her shoulders.

Krista M 0 likes

I love my halo sleep sack!

Jessica B 0 likes

Sleep sacks work well if your hesitant to use a blanket my my daughter sleeps with a blanket. Has been since 3 months.

Baby Girl 2 likes

Zipadee zip!! Best invention ever. A complete game changer for me for over a month now. Check out the website!!

Jonica R 0 likes

If using a blanket make sure it's really light and thin. I use a fleasy one that's thin. It being fleasy makes it warmer and not heavy

Jade F 1 like

I have used a blanket since day one. I just make sure it's tucked in under the mattress, and put it mid chest on her

Baby K's M 0 likes

We love our Aden & Anais sleep sacks! I put my LO in a sleeper then he wears the sleep sack

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