What's the longest you are comfortable allowing your Lo to sleep at night without feeling the need to wake up and change and feed? Mine is 3 months and has been out like a light tonight but going more than 8 hours bothers me. Anyone else?

Garcia 2 likes

I feel the same way.. After like 4 or 5 hours of not eating or a diaper change i get nervous. By 6 hours i change his diaper to try to wake him up to eat. I know your not supposed to wake a newborn but i do not want my son sitting in his pee or poop for 6 hours...

Danie M 2 likes

At 2 months my pediatrician said 12 hours is fine, I was waking him up after 8 hours and the dr said don't do that, let him sleep

Garcia 1 like

My sons been out like a light tonight too! Maybe growth spurts?? 😊

Brooke J 2 likes

I wouldn't wake them up to feed or change. They will def let you know when they get uncomfortable. If they are sleeping longer than usual their most likely having a growth spurt. Babies need sleep for brain development.

Dani D 2 likes

My dd sleeps 10-11 hr stretches at night. My paediatrician said it's totally fine. She's sleeping that long cause she's getting all the nutrients she needs while she's awake!

EL . 3 likes

Don't wake him up..,

Mary J 3 likes

My motto is never wake a sleeping baby if they are sleeping that long through the night take it as God sent and get yourself some sleep too :)

Mommy And M 0 likes

I think it just concerned me as he's never done it before lol.

Rach R 2 likes

Sleeeeppppppppp. Please don't wake that baby πŸ™ˆ

Mommy And M 1 like

Maybe it is a growth spurt. We also did have a big day today out and about, maybe just tired.

Mommy Of T 3 likes

Never wake a sleeping baby! They will wake if they are hungry

Mommy And M 0 likes

Yah I know the overnight diapers are supposed to be good for like 12 hours but the thought of him stewing in pee for that long just bugs me.

Christal B 3 likes

My daughter sleeps 9-8 every night and I don't wake or change her , I currently use the 12hr diapers and they really do work, and surprisingly my daughter don't usually fill one . She pees more during the day and has only ever pooped once at night in 4 months ... Let the baby sleep they can handle it and trust me they will let u know if their hungry

Tina S 2 likes

It's gross to us yes. But if a babe needs something they will let u know lol we all know that. Otherwise enjoy your peace mama. Your baby is :)

Yangie M 1 like

At bedtime, I put a thick thick layer of Desitin in my baby's bottom so if he does poop or pee, that thick layer of Desitin will protect his skin from direct contact with the poop or urine. I dont like to wake him just in case I couldn't get him back to sleep right away. And I have to get up and work in the morning too.

Deep S 2 likes

It's fine let them sleep as long as they want. If they r growing fine with good wt gain don't worry

Tay B 1 like

Yeah it bothers me too, but I'm learning to let him sleep. My son is 2 months and he's been sleeping for 8 hours straight at night for the past couple of weeks. I'm just gonna thank the Lord and enjoy it while I can ;) but it does make me feel uneasy because my first son was so routine about waking up at night.

Margaret S 2 likes

I wouldn't wake them, if their bodies need the sleep, let them

Linsi M 0 likes

We had to wake our girls up every 2.5 hours when we first brought them home due to them being early & needing to gain weight, so once we got the ok to stop that, I let them sleep. When we put them in their own room/cribs, they started sleeping 11-12 hours & I let them lol. It never made me uncomfortable, they just increased the amount that they ate during the day.

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