What's better for gassy babies? Gripe water or gas drops?

Ashley L 2 likes

I use both and alternate.

Brit R 0 likes

Gas drops was the only thing that worked for my son

Julia M 0 likes

I didn't give my baby anything. It didn't seem like it bothered her.

Lynsey R 0 likes

Gripe water worked perfect for my daughter

Julie A 0 likes

Little remedies gas drops! They work almost instantly gripe water is more for colic or hiccups

Gabes M 0 likes

Gripe water works for me!

Julie H 0 likes

I use oval it works wonders

Maria P 0 likes

I try everything , but Works better gripe water

Traci C 0 likes

Gripe water worked until baby was about 8 months then I had to switch to gas drops

Rijvana P 0 likes

Both. I usually put 5-6 drops of gas-drops in his bottle nipple mixed with 5ml gripe water at his bedtime everyday. He like it and helps him.

Katelyn J 0 likes

Ovol drops were best for mine!

Jenny O 0 likes

I used gripe water and colic calm

Ali's m 0 likes

We use the target brand gas drops and they help our LO

SSZ 0 likes


SSZ 0 likes


Sarah S 0 likes

Gas drops are amazing

K C 0 likes

Both are good! We alternate...

** Desiree * 0 likes

Gas drops worked for our baby and gripe water had no affect.

Carrie J 0 likes

I also use gas drops and gripe water if she's too gasy I give both an alternate I think your suppose to wait 30mins in between if you want to give both.

Tamara B 0 likes

Both! Whatever gives your little ones relief:)

Laura S 0 likes

Gas drops!

Jen N 0 likes


Josselin M 0 likes

Hylands gas drops

Paige S 0 likes

Gripe water!

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