What's a good jumpstart to loosing weight!!! I'm literally gaining and gaining 😭

Ashley B 4 likes

Lower carb intake. Walk daily. Drink tons of water. Cut out sugar

Marina 2 likes

Drinking a lot of water, no dairy or sugar. Walking a lot

Jessica D 2 likes

Water, water, water, literally all day. Cut back on unhealthy foods. Stay active. Workout. I got a Fitbit over a year ago and it has helped me a lot. Not all carbs and dairy are bad, you need to do your research, there are many good carbs you need and good dairy.

“Superwoman” S 1 like

Drink a tablespoon if apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of apple juice every morning !!! That will help a lot!!!!

Sam G 2 likes

Intermittent fasting has been really helpful for me. Mostly because it keeps me from eating all the crap at like 10 pm. I eat between 11 and 7 and fast for 16 hours. It's easy and I feel really good!

Nikki M 1 like

Water. And some type of exercises .

MommyJ 0 likes

WW I lost 32 pounds

New M 0 likes

Lots of water only eat between 12-7 do alot of walking doing that on a regular will lead to more exercises dieting is very hard its a mental think I think i have been trying myself

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