I'm 15 weeks and this is my first pregnancy, I don't feel like I'm showing or my belly isn't hard enough yet(may sound silly) my belly has gotten a little big but it seems like fat to me. When will I start to see a change in my belly? When did you ladies start showing? I'm just ready to feel the movements and just need a lil reassurance. I'm a little nervous and filled with questions being as tho I had a miscarriage last April.

Erin H 1 like

It wasn't till the middle of my second trimester I started feeling my LO. I was always scared of miscarriage but every wk on tues-wed I be sick. I looked fat till wk 18 my hubby said then I started looking more pregnant. If you are that worried you can get a Doppler for cheap and listen to baby. You'll be fine and congrads. You're beautiful.

Erin S 1 like

Personally, when I was pregnant with my son (he's my first and only right now) I didn't show til almost 7 months pregnant!!! My boobs grew like crazy though and I went up 5 cup sizes before my belly showed lol! But I started feeling movement around 22 weeks and could see movement around 25 weeks! It's the craziest and coolest thing ever!!! Now I kinda miss it lol everyone's different though

Serenitys M 1 like

i started showing around my 6th month as well:) and youll start feeling little flutters everynow and then:) just relax and when you least expect it youll feel your baby.

A V 1 like

I started showing an actual pregnant belly when I was 6-7 months with my first. Before then it just looked a little chubby.

Tere M 0 likes

I was 28 weeks with my 1st & 24 weeks with my second before I began to really "show"

Melly's M 1 like

I started to show around 25 wks, but my boobs starts to grow instantly (went from a B cup to a D within a few weeks) . I felt my baby around 17 wks. Everybody is different. When you get past 30 weeks is when you will really start to see your belly grow

Rachel B 1 like

I just had my first five months ago. I was like you and was kinda bummed that my belly wasn't bigger either. Sooooo, I made the mistake of kinda holding my belly out a little to make myself look more preggo. Lol bad move, My abbs started loosening up too early and I ended up with a HUGE belly and everybody thought I was having twins!!!! My stretch marks are horrible as a result! Besides the shorter the time your belly is big the shorter the time it takes to recover your amazing waste line :-)

Kathy M 1 like

I didn't start showing until 7 months. I went from a size 0/kids pants to a size 3 but it was mainly my butt and thighs. Right after 7 months I had to get maternity clothes almost right away and my stomach just grew over night.

Amber H 0 likes

I didn't start feeling any movements with my son until I was 23 weeks. Give it time and remember to drink plenty of water and stay healthy. It'll come to you in time 😉

Krystal G 0 likes

#1 pregnancy I was barely showing till 8 months. #2 I started showing arount 5 months #3 I showed at 1-2 months. Everyone is different.

Chelsea R 1 like

I couldn't wait to start showing and feel kicks then it became so real and reassured me when I'd feel kicks :) I was about 5 months before others could see a baby bump :)

Jenn S 1 like

Everyone is alittle different. They say for first time moms you may not feel baby until about 20weeks. My first baby I started to show around 6-7 month. I'm on my 4th. I think I showed right away.

Micah's M 0 likes

I started showing really early around 13 weeks or show; but I really didn't start really showing till around 24 weeks :)

Bre A 0 likes

Everyone is different but in my first pregnancy I didn't show until my third trimester. With my second I started to show around 24 weeks. I know it's hard not to see or feel anything with a history of miscarriage I have been there. Just stay positive you will he there before you know it.

Caitlin F 1 like

I'm a labor and delivery nurse! Don't worry, everything is probably just peachy! Most first time moms don't feel fetal movement until a little later and text book would say you aren't able to feel "quickening" or movement until about 16 weeks- it is also very normal to not show fast on your pregnancy. I started to show around 24 weeks- but everyone is different! No stress!

Kendra J 0 likes

Aww thanks ladies! You guys are awesome and really calmed me down a lot

Angela M 1 like

I started showing around 19 weeks that I noticed myself but others didn't notice until like 21-22 weeks. Everyone is different!

Angela M 1 like

I also didn't feel anything until about 24 weeks because my placenta was anterior and cushioned the kicks (sorry if tmi :))

Megan W 0 likes

About 6 months is when I started showing with my first. Also began feeling him move at about like 22 weeks.

Stacy 0 likes

I showed very early : 4 months! And felt kicks at 25 weeks

Lindsey P 1 like

Everyone is different, some people hardly show at all until the very end. Make sure you are seeing an OB. She will measure your uterus and do ultrasounds to make sure everything is alright.

Jayna Rissa C 1 like

Right around 14-16 weeks was when I noticed my belly getting "harder". It took a little while to feel like I was actually preggo as I felt like the bump was just pudge lol. Maybe get a fetal heartbeat monitor to listen to you LO's HB for reassurance. Be careful though as so stones it's hard to find their heart beat and this causes the mothers to freak out even when baby is just in a starve position.

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