What was your baby's favorite new food once you started introducing solids?

Jordan C 0 likes

Sweet potatoes! She seemed to like them the best over avocados and butternut squash.

Lauren M 0 likes

Sweet potatoes! He loved all new foods at first. Now he is incredibly picky!

Christina V 0 likes

Sweet potatoes and bananas

Skylar K 0 likes


Amy M 0 likes

Sweet potatoes and bananas!

Stephanie W 0 likes

Squash, peas and green beans!

Melissa K 0 likes


Mama J 0 likes

Definitely Sweet Potatoes!

Marianne M 0 likes

Butternut squash and peas

Cassie A 0 likes

Squash, sweet potatoes, the mixed fruits like banana orange medley and the Hawaiian one lol

Anonymous 0 likes

Butternut squash,avocados and apples!

Ashley L 0 likes

Corn casserole baby food

Meagan W 0 likes

Sweet potatoes and squash and bananas lol

April V 0 likes

Sweet potatoes and peas

L A 0 likes

Avocados and nothing else!!

Perfectly M 0 likes

She was in love with green beans. I preferred mashed potatoes, didn't stain her clothes. Lol

M C 0 likes

Thanks all! So far LO has had bananas and green beans - he won't even open his mouth for bananas after a few tastes!

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