What was ur very first pregnancy symptom?

Mandy A 2 likes

Extreeeeeemly tired was mine. Then I'd Say next we’re sore boobs and noticing smells I didn't Before

MommyJ 1 like

Morning Sickness

Brandi T 0 likes

Sore boobs & puking

A M 0 likes


Mak3 W 0 likes

Boobs grew two sizes like overnight and Were hard. That's How I knew.

Farah B 0 likes


Ginny 0 likes

Sore boobs, gas, headaches, nausea

sunshinee☀️ 0 likes

My boobs were so sore I cried lol

Christina I 0 likes

Sore boobs

Tiffany 0 likes

Implantation Cramping, sore boobs, and fatigue. Do your boobs hurt lol. It's A popular Symptom Here 😄

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