What was THE BEST mom tip you ever got or came up with yourself? Going to put these together for a Morher’s Day gift to all! 🌈💕🍭 #mothersday

Mary @ 7 likes

One of the best tips I got was from a SmartMom ... give your teething babe cold celery to chew on! This tip has gone far! I know it's helped other SmartMoms too (Marie M), so share your tip that could help a struggling mama 💕

Amanda O 7 likes

Don't buy diaper Paul refill bags. Save the round plastic piece and use kitchen sized trash bags. We use the flap tie kind at Walmart (.98). Remove old bag from hold put the new one through the hole fold over the top or shove the top of the bag inside the plastic part!! #tonsofmoneysaved

Stacey * 7 likes

-get them on a routine it makes things go so much easier - frozen damp wash cloth for teething -keep an emergency diaper/clothes/wipes stash in the car These are what I could think of now

Kristina M 12 likes

Don't get obsessed with milestones. So what if your friends baby started crawling at 6 months? Another transitioned to the rib with no resistance? Those are not your children, yours is going to do what it wants when it wants , with some guidance from you, of course!

Hennessy B 5 likes

This was particularly true with my first child, not to worry or sadly to compare why other babies his age were further along in milestones. A good friend of mine told me don't worry he'll get there when he is good & ready, THIS IS SO TRUE!

Ty H 10 likes

Don't compare yourself to other mamas and judge. We're all on our own journey and have our own way of doing things. Do what works for you!!

Out N 4 likes

What works for one baby/child probably won't for your next one.

Ann O 13 likes

⭐️ God knew you'd be just the right mother for YOUR kids. Are you perfect? Of course not - but you are just what they need. Maybe you feel like you're lacking - but you have what you need for YOUR kids. Feel secure in that. ⭐️ A bad day does not make them a bad kid or you a bad Mom. ⭐️ Let people help you. ⭐️ It is a short window of life that your children are yours to care for - TREASURE that window, but don't feel guilty if you don't enjoy every moment - sometimes it’s HARD and that's ok. ❤️

Katelyn J 3 likes

Oval drops are a life saver for a gassy baby.

Mary @ 5 likes

Ann O beautifully said ❤️

Mommy2aboy R 1 like

Mary @ SmartMom can you see my posts?? At all? My tip is ask for help and dont burn out

Bria B 4 likes

Mary @ SmartMom I agree absolutely perfectly said !! Ann O ❤️

Sofie D 2 likes

What Kristina Mh said!! That advice is gold for a new mom!!

Proud M 7 likes

Take time and enjoy your baby! Don't worry about the house, laundry, dishes. It will still be there. Just enjoy baby snuggles. I know it's a hard one(being an extreme neat freak myself). Get the house cleaned up and ready right before baby gets there and then just rest and snuggle.

RC 7 likes

I use to feel guilty doing things for myself or going anywhere without my kids I felt like it was wrong. One day I was with my mom and I just broke down crying because I was so tired and overwhelmed and she told me “It’s okay to take time for yourself.” Best advice shes given me. Now I go get my nails done, I go have to dinner and drinks with my friends, me and my husband go on dates. And I even splurge and buy myself something once a month without feeling guilty. Im much happier 😀

Mama S 4 likes

To be patient and learn with your child!

Christie M 4 likes

Two kids are never alike

Raquel B 8 likes

Mary @ SmartMom This! ⬇️ I don't know if someone posted this on here or where I got it from, but this is how I have always said I will raise my children. ❤️

Amanda M 8 likes

The fact that you question your parenting skills and have doubts and concerns and are constantly worrying means you are trying to be the best mom you can be, keep questioning and improving. Hold your head up, mama’s you rock!

New M 3 likes

Playtex drop ins are some of the best bottles because you don't have to wash as much especially while out you replace the bag and go. And boppy pillows are the best things ever

Mommy Of t 3 likes

mommys bliss water and gas drops r ur best friends!!!!!!!!!

Second Time M 4 likes

Put your hand through the sleeve while putting on your childs shirt, grab their arm (and long sleeve onesie) and put it through so the sleeve doesn't get bunched up and uncomfortable for lo

Thalias Mommy 10 likes

the best advice i got is not to stress about the little things and to pick your battles

Andrea R 4 likes

Just go with the flow.

Ariana 3 likes

The baby will not starve if he/she doesn't want to take the bottle. The baby will eat when he/ she is hungry enough. Self preservation and not to stress it. My grandma told me this when I ran out of breast milk and my baby kept refusing the bottle.

I•❤️•my• k 5 likes

Nose frida! I use it all the time!

Mary @ 1 like

I•❤️•my• kids I second that!!!!! And if LO doesn't like it, pretend to do it on yourself first and make a funny sucking noise. My LO thought that was hilarious 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mary @ 2 likes

Ariana great advice - a lot of our moms stress about eating and Ive consciously decided that LO will eat if he’s hungry. That is all 👏 Less stress

Morgen A 2 likes

Mary @ SmartMom Yes!! It's been a life saver!

Mary @ 1 like

Marie M what's your best tip or trick?!

Mary @ 1 like

Ashley B and First Time MOMMA!! and Amanda O 👯‍♀️ share your hacks with us!

I'm a Mommy! 6 likes

. You Are Enough 💐

Amanda O 3 likes

I shared mine in the wayyy beginning! But another is frozen fruit in the mesh feeders are amazing! Good for teething, healthy and frozen fruit isn’t expensive!!!

2Sweet B 5 likes

1.) it won't kill them if they cry for a few minutes while you take a few minutes to calm down 2.) pick Your battles 3.) they grow up so fast, so why rush the milestones, why be so quick to make them sleep in their own bed, before you know it they'll be 13 and want doing to do with you. Then 18, 23, getting married and having their own kids. they grow up fast enjoy every moment you can, every moment they let you hug them and they want to sleep in bed with you etc.

New Mom 2 3 likes

I actually learned this once when I became a nurse but I think it works for this case too. Always take care of your needs first. Happy momma, happy family!

BC M 3 likes

When by son was just started to eat solids. We started to eat more purée things like yogert, potatoes, soups, smoothies. So we could eat things that he could eat without always having to spend the extra money on His baby food.

MommyJ 2 likes

Hold your kids as much as you can. When they are older. They won't want you to.

Masons M 3 likes

My husbands grandmother was over the moon when she found out we were pregnant and with a boy ! She is a mother of six girls and one boy which sadly died in child birth which I think is one of the reason she gets so excited about a boy and the fact that there are only 4 boys out of the whole family my husband being one of them ... Any way the thing that sticks with me the most that she told me was Don't you worry harder said than done I know but as long as you have each other and love ur baby

Masons M 3 likes

Then everything else will fall into place :) .... I try to live by that ...I try to not worry about every little thing and try and stay in the moment and take that extra agonizingly long 10 minutes to get the mail because my son wants to stop and point and look at the moon 5 times along the way there and back ..he's my world and I'd do anything and everything for him but right now the little things mean the most to him and hopefully will continue to as he gets older

Mommy T 6 likes

Presence over presents

Ashley M 5 likes

As long as your family is taken care of and loved don't worry about your house. Spend the time you have learning, bonding and having fun. Your children grow up fast, don't miss time with them cleaning all the time

R P 4 likes

Easiest way to cut a babies nails is to do it while they're asleep

Sarah R 3 likes

Pull a onesie down after a blow out not up over their head...took me 3 kids to figure that one out!!! And don't panic over every ouchie...they react the way you react!!!!

Melissa F 3 likes

Sleep when baby sleeps lol 😴

Kailey M 0 likes

Trust your instincts. If you have a feeling go with it.

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