What was the best gift you received at your baby shower? Less than a month until mine and extremely nervous. Don't know what to expect 😳


Travel system with the car seat and stroller

Tess V 1 like

A homemade Moses basket from a laundry basket, cute fabric, and a cushion with a removable cover. It was originally the weirdest and thought to be most useless, but I moved back in with my parents and live in the basement so it's his sleeping space upstairs. And it's able to be repurposed because the fabric just pulls off

Sarah R 1 like

Nervous about what gifts you will be receiving ??

Brittney E 2 likes

A hand-crocheted blanket. It was beautiful. :)

Crystal R 2 likes

Carseat and stroller! The graco click connect πŸ˜€

L M 3 likes

Bottle warmer I didn't even think of that! Boppy pillow Saved my life Gripe water I originally never heard of it, and it was given to me, I thought I would never use it, it completely changed my LO attitude! Best thing in the world! Calmed him down and soothed my colicky baby!

Kara’s M 2 likes

Car seat!

Safia E 1 like

Swing, Pack N' Play, Play Yard, and the stoller from my parents. All 4 are used daily. Everything else is extra luxury. But these I cannot live without!

Kelly O 1 like

I got a My breast Friend nursing pillow- stupid name but absolute life saver during those first months when they are really little. Now I use a Boppy πŸ‘

Miss. L 1 like

Travel system stroller (car seat and matching stroller) had mini mouse on it so cute

Christina B 1 like

Travel System and a swing!!! Also a bouncey seat that vibrates!

V R 2 likes

Carseat, crib & diaper cake.

Karen E 1 like

I received the Rock and play.. Best gift I ever got, my son ended up having acid reflux which apparently can be quite common and the rock and play let him sleep slightly elevated! Worked perfect for traveling folds right up, fits right beside your bed, I never even used a bassinet

Julia : 1 like

I honestly loved getting the handmade items or things people had embroidered with her name. I have a handmade diaper bag with her name on it that I use all the time. It is the cutest thing ever and there's no way I could have ever found it in a store. I have handmade quilts and blankets and burp cloths with her name. I really love that part of showers!

. . 1 like

I got a lot of different sizes diapers and a gift card to this mom and pop baby store. We used it to buy our orbit stroller which was about $1,000 we only paid $800 thanks to the gift card 😌😌😌😌 I was so happy lol

Brenda 1 like

I didn't get to have a shower but we got a boppy pillow and it's a lifesaver! My LO loves to sleep on it.

Amanda G 1 like

I loved that everyone brought a book for my shower. We haven't had to buy any books for 6 months now bc we received so many. I love reading to my Lo.

Anastasia H 1 like

My mom got us a crib that converts as baby gets older and it can witha changing table and a dresser 😊 my grandma got us a highchair

Ethan's M 1 like

I loved everything, my amazing family got us everything we need it!

Sarah M 1 like

Rock and play has been a lifesaver!

Jamie R 1 like

Swing. Diaper genie. Diapers. Infant carrier.

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