What size shoes does your 5 year old boy wear? #shoesgrowthspurt

Terri G 1 like

10/11. Depending on the shoe.

Tiffany P 1 like

Almost 11.5. They grow too quickly

JVP 1 like

He wore 11 at 5.

Cristine C 1 like

10.5 right now

Sarah R 2 likes

My 5 year old is in a big kid size 2-3!!!😱 Same as my 7 year old!!!!

Jessica 1 like

Mine is in an 11-11.5 however my 7 year old is also in an 11 too boy and girl

Christie M 1 like

When my nephew was 5 he wore a size 12. Now he's 6 and wears a 13

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