How do SAHMs have it all together? The clean houses all the laundry done, all the dishes done, clean up after everyone and perfectly shiny clean homes, with amazing home made dinners and perfectly happy babies and husbands clean and fed. I'm a stay at home mom and I'm happy if my kids happy and I managed to do the laundry but my husband seems to want more.

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Strap your kid onto you. (Wrap or carrier) baby will love the motion and will remind them of when they were in the womb. ❀️ I haven't done it yet because LO is barely starting to hold up his head well. If you have more than one, I don't know. 😳 Maybe during naptime or when they're sleeping, but then you'll probably get 5 hours of sleep. πŸ˜•

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I'm a SAHM and I don't have all that.. What is the secret??? I have a 1 & 3 year old and my husband goes away for work 2 weeks at a time and 1 week off. Am I missing something lol currently though he is gone for a month so my house is a huge mess :(


I do everything while baby plays. I feel like I am so more motivated in the morning lol. It was a lot harder when she was younger I only could clean during naps. Could also do crockpot recipes . I have certain cleaning days . I only "clean spotless " once a week.

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My baby is 7 months. He just likes constant interaction witch I understand but distracts me from what I need to do. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a stay at home mom.

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Lol, sounds like my life kinda. I get everything done while lo is napping or I put her in her lil high chair and let her hang out with me while I get stuff done like clean bathroom or do dishes. I am hard core about freezer meals. I do ever other weekend and I have meals planned out for 2 weeks. I make DH watch LO at night so I can get other stuff done. My me time is at night when everyone is sleeping.

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I'm a stay at home mom and I can admit I do NOT have it all together. And i have finally realized I never will. I have had a couple of break downs and I think my husband now understands what not to say to me when he gets home.


Don't say that. I don't think that any mom has it completely together . I lucked up my LO has always been independent. Now she's almost 3 and its so much easier because she helps mommy with most of the cleaning. She has "chores".

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I really have an extremely clean house now that DD is older but when she was first born I didn't do anything. My house was a disaster. Now, I clean while she's eating puffs, nap when she naps, and try and stay calm!

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My husband works really hard so he's tired when he gets home and only takes the baby when he's happy the moment he cries he gives him right back usually. I want to be like a Wonder Woman that has it all figured out like he wants.. But it's a lot harder than I thought. I don't want to make excuses for myself but I'm just not like that.

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^^ I have the same issues with my SO only taking baby short periods of time, when he's happy.

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Do you have anyone that could come over and watch LO while you get stuff done around the house?

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I work from home. And my house is a disaster. If my husband complains I'll kick his butt!

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But will he start resenting me for it? I never was that insecure but right now I'm kinda feeling like it.

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When my 2 mth old naps, I try and do as many things as I possibly can. For example, sweep, wash dishes, laundry, wash bottles , feed my 3 yr old change her clothes, brush teeth and put on clothes for the day.

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That sounds like a SAHM from the movies haha. I don't have anything together

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The laundry part is a mission because I don't have a washer in my apt it's down stairs and it's coin operated. There's only one so I can use that or go to the laundry mAt. So laundry is pretty much the huge thing because it's never all done. Once a week I'll go to the laundry mat on the weekend but you need to do a lot of laundry specially with little ones

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I sure would love to know the secret to that because I don't have it together at all, I'm doing great if the house is somewhat clean ( my ocd goes nuts but there's just no energy for it)

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I felt EXACTLY like that at the gets better! My husband now loves to play with our son and I love to hear them giggle together while I finish up putting dinner on the table. The house isn't always clean, but I get the necessities done by picking a day for laundry, groceries, cleaning, etc pick just one a day so you feel successful! And pick simple meals, I used to be fancy before our son but I just want us to have a yummy semi healthy meal now πŸ˜ƒ hang in there!

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Lol I want to be a Disney princess.... Just sig a song and all the forest animals come and help clean

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I have a toddler and have been able to keep it all together without any slacking. However, I'm pregnant with #2 and am worried about how I'll be able to do it all 😩

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P.s. The way I do it now is keep to a strict check list. Wake up Bathe me and LO Get us dressed Maybe breakfast while LO watches morning cartoons Clean kitchen and dining room with LO "helping" Take our walk Come home and make lunch. Clean bathrooms and bedrooms 20 minute playground or pool time Come in and clean living room Make dinner before hubby gets home Clean up after dinner LO bed time Throw in laundry Fold laundry while taking to hubby Go to bed. The schedule varies. 😊

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I do a little each day. Takes about four days to get everything done & just one to mess it up. 😬

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I have a schedule. When my 6 mo is asleep and my 3yo is playing I clean and she'll go down with me while I do dishes. I just run down to put a load in washer/dryer and run back up. I pick up as I go like if I put my baby in her bed ill pick some toys up on my way and trash on the way back. My 3yo loves to help me clean so we make it fun

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Lol my house usually looks like a tornado went through by the end of the day. Some days I clean it other days I'm too tired to care.

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