What kind of baby carrier you use? Are they safe to use? I want to get an idea before I buy one. TYI

Logan's M 2 likes

Yes, as with anything, with proper use, they are safe to use. We love our ErgoBaby carrier. We used it with the infant insert from birth to two.

BoyMom 4 likes

I use an ergobaby360 and I LOVE it! It's ergonomically safe for mom and baby.

Mommy B 1 like

Yes they are safe to use, as long as you follow the instructions you should be okay. I started out with a moby. So from newborn- 4 months I use the moby wrap, then I purchased a evenflo natural fit carrier. I absolutely love both of these!

Julia Z 1 like

I have a lillebaby- it's similar to the ergobaby 360. Baby can face in or out, and it's suitable from birth without a separate insert. I read the manual and watched some YouTube videos to make sure I was wearing it correctly. It is very secure. When my LO was littler, we used a baby ktan and loved it too.

Mama Of 3 1 like

I wish I would have got the ergo baby but I got a solly wrap which I love for when they are small but once the get to about 5 months they get to big for it and it stretches out. Then I got the baby hawk which is like ergo baby but without all the good features so looking back I would have got the ergo baby but Iam sick of spending more money so I just stick to what I have. Lol

Becky A 1 like


Danielle D 2 likes

I have the bjorn, ergo, and lillebaby. Although I loved my ergo, the lillebaby seems like the better carrier because it has more support, doesn't need the infant insert, and is cooler because I got the mesh carrier!

Kathy I 1 like

Watching YouTube videos to make sure you are using it right will help a lot There are also lots of reviews/comparisons on YouTube to help you choose what will fit your needs the best

Lauren P 1 like

Baby Bjorn

Monica C 1 like

I had the baby bjorn and loved it. Both my husband and i used it for both my girls. My first used it til she was almost 18 months and my second is 13 months and I still use it with her from time to time.

Missy O 1 like

Boba Air, love it!! Moby when my DS was little.

Brandi T 1 like

Tula :-)

Michelle K 2 likes

Baby k'tan for snuggles and BJorn original for outings

Cristy A 1 like

The ergo is awesome! I used to use a baby bjorn and hated it. The ergo is so much more comfortable for both my son and I. I found mine on the Offerup app so I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Linzy F 1 like

I have a baby bjorn and use it whenever I run errands. I also have a balboa baby sling which I wear around the house. Love them both.

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