What is the best (preferably chemical free) way to sanitize my LO toys especially after play dates? How often to you clean your toys? Stuffies I can wash, some toys and paci's I do the 2 - 5 minute boil. What about the other toys?

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Palmolive makes baby soap for bottles and toys ect

Karen S 2 likes

If they are all plastic w no batteries or anything u can throw them in the dishwasher!

Ashley M 1 like

You could wipe them down w warm soapy water or us water/vinager mixture (50/50)

Melly's M 1 like

The sun is a natural disinfectant

Julia J 0 likes

Dapple brand makes a bunch of stuff to clean safely, sold online and babiesrus.com

Kathy M 2 likes

I soak an orange rind in vinegar and dilute with water

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After wiping down toys that cant be boiled i usually leave them in a freezer for a few hours, most bacteria will not survive the freezing cold temperature. I usually clean the toys right before we go to bed this way you are not leaving your baby stuck without any toys in the middle of the day.

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Tee M 1 like

Vinegar avid water it works so well

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Thanks ladies!! Love the natural suggestions of sun, vinegar solutions and the freezer!

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