What is the best laundry detergent to wash baby clothes in? ( beside dreft)

Alesha W 1 like

We use Tide Original Powder.

Livi's M 6 likes

All - free & clear

Sofie D 2 likes

I use the white tide, and it works great.

JVP 4 likes

All free and clear! Though I use Gain! (:

Sheila S 1 like

I just used what we always use, tide (regular), neither of my children ever had an issue

Silvia F 1 like

Target brand compare to dreft

Marianne M 2 likes

I used All free & clear or the Target Brand F&C

Mama J 1 like


J. D 1 like

Tide has a new dye free formula.

Mal 1 like

I use ALL non scented and I love it I use for my babies clothes and mine ( free & clear)

Mandy S 2 likes

I use Tide free and gentle

Casey K 0 likes

We use dreft. Will probably switch to some all clear later but for now I just love the scent!!

Sabra K 1 like

I used tide original

Kim L 1 like

Free clear

Audra J 1 like

Tide free and gentle

Kelly P 2 likes

I use ECOs

Bri M 1 like

Babies r us has their version of draft! Cheaper and I've had no issues!

Taija H 1 like

I use gain

Proud M 1 like

All Baby

Cali^Mom F 1 like

Seventh generation free and clear

Jaxx M 1 like

I use Ivory

O & C's M 1 like

Tide Free & Clear

Hillary M 1 like

Tide Clean& clear or honest company.

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