What is homogenized milk ?

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Whole full fat milk

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It's when they heat it up to a certain temp to get rid of all the bacteria and stuff that could potentially make you sick.

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It's a mechanical process that breaks the fat globules into smaller bits so that they stay suspended in the milk rather than separating out and floating to the top of the jug. Before milk is homogenized, some of the fat may be skimmed off to reduce the amount of fat in the end-product.

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When you pasteurize is when you heat it up to kill bacteria.

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That is pasteurized milk. Homogenization is the process of permanently dispersing the milk fat with the other liquid in milk. With out homogenization, milk has to be shaken before it's poured. Local milks can still be purchased that have not been homogenized.

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Oops. Lol I should know this smh

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I want to buy homogenized milk so where can I buy this?

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It's 3% milk.

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Is that ok If I give to my one year old baby girl?

Amanda T 1 like

Almost all commercial milk is homogenized, regardless of the fat content. It should say homogenized and pasteurized on the label.

Amanda T 1 like

And yes, according to the powers that be, full fat cows milk (aka Whole Milk) is the acceptable choice for children ages 1-2. After that most Dr will recommend switched to 2% or 1%. Most regular stored won't even carry non homogenized milk. I have to go to speciality stores like Whole Foods to find it.

Lauren @ 1 like

The milk carried by all standard grocery stores will be homogenized . You'd have to look really hard to find non-homogenized milk. When people say to feed your baby homogenized milk starting at age 1, they are referring to what is also called "whole milk" or sometimes "vitamin d milk". It's typically the one with a red lid.

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