What is everyone's opinion on the type of birth control to use after baby. We will want to have another baby 3-4 years down the road but for now I need a good birth control. Before baby I was using the Nuvaring and I liked it but then developed a large cyst and had to have surgery for removal of it. So, I'm hesitant on using it again. Also, I'm not good with remember to take the pill. I was considering doing the IUD method. Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Anette J 4 likes

Implanon! Works awasome

Ashley B 2 likes

I take the pill and am not good at remembering to take it at all until i put an alarm on my phone that goes pff everyday to remind me and it has helped a lot!

Stephanie A 2 likes

I have the paraguard iud there's no hormones and it lasts up to 10 years. I'm about to be 6 months pp it's working fine. My only complaint is the first period with it is nasty. Extremely heavy but basically no cramps. Also the first couple of times having sex with it I would bleed a little after sex. My dr told me that's because my uterus is still adjusting from the baby as well as the iud being there, the bleeding stops. But that's the only thing.

Danielle M 2 likes

I have the mirena iud for a year now and it seems to work? It last up to 5 years but you can always imbibe it removed sooner

Kai 1 4 likes

Nexplanon which is like implanon. Is a tiny stick inserted in arm with minor procedure n last for 3 yrs. can be removed prior if u chose to want to get pregnant before the 3 yr mark. No estrogen too, thank god lol because I will be a mess. Getting mine in a week, on depo now pp. had my LO may 12th n my provider said it is best for me. I hate n every day thing n I also want the option of removal just incase I hate it. Seems best for me, good luck.

Jerrick&Olivia’s M 3 likes

I'm currently on nexplanon. It would probably be great for you since you wanna have a baby 3-4 years from now. It's like 99.99% effective and must be replaced every 3 years. I've had it since the end of January. The first three months I had bleeding for only 2-3 days each month, but for the last two months I have been lightly bleeding for the entire two months. It sucks. And I don't see it stopping anytime soon but it's different for everyone.

Mamma K 3 likes

I have the mirena iud. No complaints so far! Would get it again. Haven't got a period yet on it. Woooot woot

Andy 2 likes

I loved my iud. Will probably get one again but just on the mini pill for now. If you're looking for birth control for a couple years I'd go with an iud. Only thing is it can cause ovarian cysts so given your history you'd want to watch for that. I had at least one small one that went away when I had had my iud.

Bec J 1 like

Got my tubes tied! Best birth control! Lol!

Alicia H 3 likes

I have nexplanon arm implant. It's supposed to be be most reliable method. It took 5 minutes for my dr to insert. I barely bruised and it was effective immediately. It lasts for 3 years as well. I haven't had any side effects.

Out N 1 like

I had bad experiences with the pill and the depo shot. We are using natural family planning.

Leslie L 2 likes

The IUD is pretty awesome if you plan on having more kids. It's effective immediately after your Dr. Puts it in and you can have it removed whenever you want and are able to try getting pregnant immediately after its removal. There's no waiting for a drug to work its way out of your system. I have the mirena and so far it's not bad, I am experiencing some hair loss but that may be a combination effect with my thyroid disorder.

Kelli K 1 like

The pill

Elizabeth M 2 likes

I'm just on the depo shot. That's what I was on before and it's always worked fine for me so I went back to that after having my LO. I'm kinda weirded out by the implant birth controls. The only downfall about it is , it takes a little one to get out of your system once you stop the shot if you're trying to get pregnant. So I stopped a few months in advance once I knew my husband and I really wanted kids. It took me about 6 months to get pregnant once stopping.

Patti T 1 like

I loved Depo! Only took me 3 months to get pregnant after stopping - I never had a period either.

Amy G 1 like

I have nexplanon. Bleeding was irregular for bit but she can give you a pill to take for couple weeks to straighten it out. No problems. Painless to have put in arm too

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