What is a doula? I had a woman approach me in my workout class who is one and wanted to offer me her services. What services do you find beneficial that they do or have done for you?

Lisa W 0 likes

Kinda like your personal birth coach. They help you through labor and delivery. They rub your back make you feel comfortable etc.....

Emma S 1 like

They're mid wives. They help you throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and sometime post birth. They assist in a natural birth and guide you with breathing techniques, exercises etc. to help you manage the pain.

Luna G 1 like

A doula is a wonderful woman who helps during your labor & after they can help you with caring for your newborn. There's different kinds of doulas. I regret not hiring one. I have a friend who dose that for a living. Have you ever heard of making your placenta into a Capsule,and taking it for vitamins? Doulas are the ones who can do that for someone.

Angela M 0 likes

How much do they usually charge? I am a principal and have done no personal preparation other than keeping myself healthy. I gave not taken classes. Eek!

Luna G 0 likes

What city are u in?

Angela M 0 likes

Elgin Oklahoma

Luna G 0 likes

Oh don't know anyone over there. Try googling doulas in that area.

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