What if your child is the bully?

Andrea H 1 like

Teach them not to be. They've seen it somewhere. Kids practice what they've been taught

Mel L 1 like

Consequences! Time outs, favourite toys taken away, etc.

Erin B 0 likes

How old if the child? And how bad is the bullying?

Jen M 0 likes

2nd grade. My step daughters report card said she is disrespectful to others ...

Mom of Boys 0 likes

Teach her about treating others like she would want to be treated. Teach her about being loving and kind towards others and most importantly model it for her. Also talk to her about what's going on, maybe there is a reason she is acting up.

Luvn M 0 likes

I made my daughter pick up trash with me on or road and help people at grocery store with my supervision as a consequence for bad attitudes.she is in 2nd grade

Skylar K 0 likes

Maybe something else is going on at school? There's always another side, have you asked her if anyone is being mean to her or if she's having a hard time at school? Does she act like a bully at home? Maybe there's something going on at home or something changing, there's so many reasons kids could be acting out

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