What helps baby acne?

Lindsey S 3 likes

If your breastfeeding put some of your milk on it. Other than that nothing just leave it it will go away on its own.

Holy M 1 like

Try baby diaper rash cream

Kissy x 4 likes

Just leave it be, not good to put things on their faces!

Austin S 2 likes

Breastmilk is good for it if you have any. Otherwise just let it be, it eventually goes away (:

Ali A 1 like

I made my own sugar scrub with coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Works great for cradle cap and the dry flaky skin babies get a week or so after birth.

Nathan M 0 likes

Breastmilk is good and leave it to its natural course!

Margaret T 0 likes

Poor thing he's so cute though! Please keep us posted on what you decide to try n if it works! I'm very curiousπŸ’›

Judy V 1 like

Mittens on his hands and wash his face with mild baby soap once a day. I used these mutesla face wipes and it was gone in a couple of days. Its normal and will go away on its own.

Ronnie R 0 likes

Ohh poor sweet baby :( that just looks uncomfortable to me. I used to wipe down my sons face before bed with a wipe or a wash cloth and that helped clear his acne up very well.

Kelly S 0 likes

He's a twin to his brothers isn't as bad

Jennifer W 0 likes

Just leave it alone. It goes away eventually. His skin is to sensitive for anything.

Julie H 0 likes

Our LO had it too and it goes away on its own. Their skin heals very quickly so it lasts a lot shorter than when we get it at an older age.

Nora G 0 likes

Breast milk works wonders

Kaitlyn L 0 likes

Leave it alone. It'll go away.

Addi's M 0 likes

Breastmilk! πŸ‘ I wouldn't put anything else on there though...

Kelli L 0 likes

Warm washcloth works wonders!

Baby M 0 likes

My ped said hydrocortisone twice a day for a week and it completely cleared

Katie L 0 likes

Don't clean it with soap. Just use a warm wet wash cloth to keep it clean. I also slathered him in baby Aquaphor to keep it from being dry and uncomfortable! Aquaphor is what they use on babies in the NICU because it doesn't irritate!

mother C 0 likes

Use hydroccortizone 1%

RP M 0 likes

Don't squeeze or apply anything is what I feel. It will go on its own. My LO had it too.

Marison P 0 likes

I used honest brand healing balm. It cleared after 10 days:) My peds doctor approved what's in it. It's all natural:)

Logan's M 0 likes

The only thing I would say to put on there is breast milk. It's liquid gold!

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