What have you Mommys done for constipation? My 8mo has been pooping almost solid poops for two days. He is always straining when his poop used to come easy for him. He has had mixed veggies, sweet potato, and oatmeal for his baby food in the last 4 days. How did you relieve it?

Amanda H 3 likes

Try a little puréed prunes. However baby may not be constipated, poop changes to a more solid form once baby starts eating solids. The straining may just be because baby is getting used to the changes. You are the best judge of what's going on with your baby though. Prunes worked well for my baby.

J B 1 like

Puréed prunes is the way to go. You can even use the boiled water and give a little all natural prune juice.

Michele B 1 like

I got a bottle of prune juice and gave her a little and it worked like a charm. I froze the rest in ice cube trays so it's on hand for the next time (and so I don't have to waste the rest of the bottle cuz I sure as heck ain't drinking it! 💩).

Elise M 0 likes

Try a q-tip with a little Vaseline... rectal stimulation worked wonders for my son

Chey-Ann L 2 likes

I was told pears work better then prunes and it was found true with my daughter. It depends on the baby. If baby is bottle fed I was told 1 teaspoon of brown sugar in the bottle over the course of a couple days does the trick to. And if Breast fed maybe very little water. My daughter (8months now) doesn't like water so I put a pinch of brown sugar for taste in it or a splash of pear or prune juice just for taste and usually by the next feeding she has a good bowel movement :) good luck.

Jenn S 2 likes

Pear juice and prune juice can help.

Jessica R 0 likes

Pears work wonders for my little man

Jonah B 1 like

If you're not comfortable with giving your baby anything, try the bicycle movements with their legs. It may take awhile for anything to happen BUT it does work. Last resort, I would give my baby Miralax.

Mary B 0 likes

Baby food prunes

Susan B 0 likes

My doctor told me one to give my daughter diluted prune juice. 50-50 mix.

Teresa T 0 likes

Tummy rubs and leg exercises:)

Eryn 0 likes

Prune juice every day. I had my son on it starting around 6 months. I was able to stop Around 9-10 months, but now he's having even worse trouble with whole milk and table food.

Alice W 0 likes

Prune or pear juice, prune or pear purees, miralax is great for babies! 1 tsp a day with a bottle or baby food

Stephanie V 0 likes

My pedi told me 1 tbsp of karo corn syrup mixed with 3-4 oz of water

J A 0 likes

Miralax and fruit

Claudia A 0 likes

Miralax (consult your pediatrician) and pear or prune juice :)

Ashlee N 0 likes

The BRAT diet is used for the treatment of diarrhea in infants because these foods help firm up stools. An easy and natural way to remember how to help alleviate baby's constipation is to cut out the foods that contribute to it! BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast Adding more fiber to baby's diet may help get things moving again. Try strained foods that contain high fiber such as: Prunes, pears, spinach, peas, apricots, peaches & plums

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