What happend to this app ? No one Is answering anyone anymore

Mel Marie 1 like

I know! I hate going to fb. Might delete It honestly :/

Marina 1 like

It stopped being moderated or supported, i forget what happened. But the Facebook Group is good. Still private and more active

Rose T 0 likes

Mel Marie yeah we too

Rose T 1 like

Marina would you mind telling me which group on Facebook ? I'm done with this app

Marina 1 like

Of course! It's Smart Moms 2.0, let me know in case you have trouble finding it

Rose T 1 like

Marina is that it ?

Marina 1 like

Yes! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Kailey M 1 like

Like a year and a half ago the creators Of the app didn't Like the progress It was making so they stopped updating abd Mary couldn't ever tell us. So we made a Facebook group. Which is way more active and we all know each other Better now too. (Not the update even messed with grammar and it drives me crazy. Hence the caps in the middle of sentences)

Rose T 1 like

Marina thank you

Rose T 0 likes

Kailey Marlow hats Your group name?

Marina 0 likes

Rose The Mom she’s referring to the same one, Smart Moms 2.0 πŸ€—

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