What do you moms think about the vaccinations!? I read in an article that MMR shots do cause Autism!? But if we don't vaccinate it might be worse so confusing! But I'm all for getting my baby her shots my other kids are fine any thought!?

L M 27 likes

The autism thing is a hoax. GET YOUR CHILDREN VACCINATED. Honestly, even if the autism thing were true, I'd rather have my child have autism than die from diseases that could easily be prevented from a simple vaccination.

Stephanie 1 like

Mmr doesn't not cauSe autism! My friend is an autistic teacher and 90% of her students aren't vaccinated at all and all of them have autism ...how do people explain that ?

Rachal H 18 likes

You know what causes autism? AUTISM.

Isabella M 9 likes

The austism thing isnt even scientifically proven. We got the MMR shot yesterday.. still no "autism."

Stephanie D 11 likes

Get your child vaccinated. The Autism accusations were debunked and the doctor that did the study lost his med license. You don't want to lose your child to something preventable. And on top of that, consider that your unvaccinated child could give something to a child who cannot get vaccines because they are too young or have an immune disorder. There's also no mercury in vaccines anymore. Don't be part of the problem that is causing a resurgence of disease outbreaks. Vaccines save lives.

Isabella M 6 likes

I'm a vaccine momma. All of us are up to date on our shots. Just do it. Its not hard.

Carol M 8 likes

Vaccines save lives. There are no credible sources that state vaccines cause autism. No studies to show that there's a link. A lot of the time autism symptoms aren't prominent until the child is around 6 months up and it coincides with the vaccination schedule.

Rebecca C 1 like


Melissa H 4 likes

It's not a proven hypothesis that vaccinations cause autism. I believe children should be vaccinated. If parents aren't going to, then theoretically they should keep their kids at home, at all times. But who suffers? Ultimately the kids. Easy choice.

Sara L 4 likes

Get your child vaccinated!!!!! The diseases your child could get from not being vaccinated is outrageous! I'd rather have my child have autism from the "shots" than be so sick or even dead.

Ann O 2 likes

It is scary either way because you know the autism thing was fake, but it's such a scary thought. But my baby dying from a preventable disease is MORE scary, so I decided to vaccinate.

Holly S 5 likes

I would vaccinate your child. So not true about autism.

Megan C 5 likes

you cant "get" autism yo either are born with it or you arent. But i only you can decide whether or not to get baby vaccinated. I personally do because they are more likely to get sick or die from not having the vaccines than vise versa

Valerie A 5 likes

Yeah there is definitely NO link between vaccines and autism. Check out autismamerica on FB

Amber W 5 likes

The amount of people vaccinated is much higher than the amount of kids with autism. If the shots that have been around for many years gives autism then a lot more people would have it. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet

Amber W 5 likes

Also autism isn't a disease that can be transmitted through things like shots. It's not a disease at all. Your child just can't catch autism like you do a cold

Tay B 4 likes

Is the article a peer reviewed scientific study? If not, then I'm sure it's a bored blogger trying to scare people out of protecting their children from diseases. Don't believe everything you read.

Mommy Of T 3 likes

It is not proven that vaccinations cause autism that is bunch of bull!! It's much safer to get your Che vaccinated

Gunner Danger's M 7 likes

About 30% of patients I treat who are on the Autism Spectrum have NEVER had a single vaccine. There is no evidence of a causal relationship between vaccines and ASD. However, something like 8 million children worldwide from preventable diseases every year. That's been proven. It's every parents decision to roll the dice.

Andrea S 1 like

I agree with all of you I'm also a firm believer of getting my kids vaccinated!! 👍 I just wonder why they keep saying or bringing this up

Stephanie 1 like

I believe kids can get Autism from the environment they live in and food we eat. So much crap gets put in good and it's not actual food. I try to do at as much organic and I can ...not perfect at it but I try my best to give him the best .

Danielle D 1 like

The vaccine insert for Hep B reports neurological disorders in its list of adverse reactions to the vaccine. Autism is a neurological disorder...so vaccines can cause autism...but are not the only cause. Herd immunity is a theory, not a fact. In 2013, there were only 416 cases of polio worldwide according to WHO, so chances of getting polio are over 1 in 16,000,000. The serious reaction rate to Pentacel (polio combo shot) according to a study in the insert is 1 in 25. Look at the facts!

Kristin W 2 likes

You could always wait until your child is older. And do one vaccine at a time. This is the advice I've gotten from people I've talked too. If and when I have my daughter vaccinated that's how I'll do it It's everyone's personal decision. I wasn't vaccinated and I'm just fine.

Andrea S 2 likes

My sister does one shot at a time to see if baby gets a reaction that makes more sense I guess, if they have a reaction which one of the many shots they get will we know it's from!?

Cali^Mom F 2 likes

@Danielle. That is flawed reasoning. Just because neurological disorder is listed and autism is a neurological disorder doesn't mean autism can be caused by vaccine. There are lots of neurological disorders and vaccines aren't going to cause all of them. There has been no link found between the specific disorder of autism and vaccines. That's like saying because some cars have defective airbags and a Subaru is a car then all Subarus must have defective airbags.

Cali^Mom F 2 likes

Also, the chances of getting polio are so low because of vaccinations. If we stopped vaccinating for it, the chances would rise greatly until they eclipsed the problems with the vaccine.

Gunner Danger's M 2 likes

Taylor I heart you. Wanted to say the same thing but didn't wanna start a fight. You wouldn't say that vaccines cause Alzheimer's and its neurologic, or Parkinson's. And while we are in the topic of knowing facts, hep b itself can cause peripheral neuropathy, a neurological disorders. Look at the chances of getting a life threatening disease in a country that doesn't vaccinate, much higher.

Danielle D 0 likes

The vaccine courts have awarded people money for vaccines causing autism. If you see an association between vaccine introduction and a fall in diseases, then you should also see the association between vaccine introduction and the drastic rise in autism. There are still trace amounts of mercury in vaccines as well as aluminum. These things are toxic. If everyone thinks vaccines are so safe and believe in herd immunity...then why do so many pro-vaxers say not to get the flu shot?

Danielle D 0 likes

Why don't you keep your recently vaccinated children (live virus vaccines) at home during the shedding period? Why these contradictions? Herd immunity has been proven time and again not to work. A vaccinated person can still carry and spread diseases if exposed...look at the FDA study on pertussis.

Danielle D 1 like

Hep B is sexually transmitted, or transmitted by needles (drugs)...I don't think my infant will be doing either of those any time soon so I'm not worried about that. Also, which countries don't vaccinate? I know America gives out more vaccines than any other country...yet the infant survival rate is pretty low compared to others. Japan is way ahead of us in this area...yet they only give about half of the vaccine doses that we do. And they have banned the MMR vaccine!

Danielle D 0 likes

Also, Paol Thorsen (CDC scientist who downplayed vaccine link to autism) is wanted for embezzeling money from the CDC. Merck has two lawsuits against them for falsifying and destroying data, and William Thompson (CDC scientist) admitted to manipulating and falsifying data about the link between MMR and autism in African American boys. I contacted Merck and asked for their pre-market studies on the MMR vaccine because their inserts are vague. They wouldn't give that info to me. Why?

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