What do you ladies do when your child acts like a brat out in public? I went to the bank & my youngest had the biggest fit I have ever seen. I was so embarrassed. I kept apologizing to the people at the bank cause she wanted down to run around. I didn't want to discipline her in public, I didn't want then to call the law in me for child abuse. Usually when she acts like that at hOme I will swat her butt. Not hard but enough to get her attention what can I do in public when she acts like that

Heather 3 likes

I tell my oldest I'm gonna take her in the bathroom and smack her butt. She's 7

Nesa R 0 likes

Threaten her .. I know it sounds harsh , but sometimes it works ... Lol .. Or you could , if you're comfortable , give her your phone to play with .. With my 2.5 year old , if one doesn't work , the other will .. Good luck :)

Christina K 2 likes

I would pick her up and go home. She's going to learn that when she misbehaves she can no longer be out doing fun things.

New M 1 like

Divert her talk to her about what she likes most or give something wt she like to eat or any toy might be it works 😊😊

C L 4 likes

My mom always said "do we need to go to the bathroom/car?" (Which meant a spanking) and we would behave. She never ended up actually having to do it. However, if she doesn't listen bring her to the bathroom and either have a more firm talk in private or a spanking or however you discipline.

Breezie T 3 likes

I would smack her butt any ways . It's not abuse if it's on the butt. My 6 year old is at the stage where she likes to push me . And I smack her butt. I tell her you want to embarrass me I can embarrass you.

Breezie T 3 likes

How old is your LO ? If she still small people understand that babies have bad days .

Nikky T 2 likes

My son 19mo does tht to once in awhile except throw him self to the ground and just screams and cries I just stand there telling him that's not going to get him what he wants last about 1-5 mins I just laugh when ppl walk by nothing I can do about it but I'm one of those ppl tht doesn't care what other ppl think or say it's my child not there's lol spanking never worked for him every time I spank him on the butt he laughs has done tht ever since he was lilttle

Stephanie â 2 likes

My son isn't old enough yet to have a real tantrum but I fear those days lol. I agree now day you can't Spank or swat in public . I can only image just going to the car or bathroom to discipline .

Tia W 1 like

I give my son a count to 3 if I get to 3 we go to the bathroom and get a spanking. 95% of the time I only get to 2. I do it at home to so he doesn't realize it's only in public we go to the bathroom to avoid my own embarrassment.

Danie M 1 like

If they're acting up but not bad I make them sit on the ground no matter where we are but if they're acting crazy we immediately leave

N K 1 like

I use the counting threat Never had to say three though He known that he is in trouble when I start counting Once I put him in his room for 10 minutes and it is the most punishment for him He won't care if I spank his butt, but leaving him in his room freaks him out

Mercedes R 1 like

Try to talk to her & if she doesn't listen take her to the car.

Nadia S 0 likes

She's a 1 1/2 shes still young but she knows better to act like that cause she gets in trouble.

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