What do you keep the temp in your house at during the winter? And what's your fave baby lotion for cold, chapped winter skin?

Lauren G 0 likes

70 or 73 depending on how cold and baby or regular aveeno works really well

Mrs. K 0 likes

During the winter we keep ours at 65-70. And Aveeno Baby is my favorite lotion for my LO

Aprilbaby 0 likes

70. But I live in florida so honestly we can just turn off heat and ac all but like 4 days during the winter. Only baby products I use for my LO skin is Burt's bees

Jamie C 1 like

His first year it was 72 because the back of our house runs a few degrees colder and that's where bedrooms are. Now that he's two the house is at 67 degrees he wears warm pjs and as many blankets as needed. We have a very tight budget.

Sarina W 0 likes

68 at night and 72 through the day. I love Babyganics lotion.

Rebecca L 0 likes


MommyJ 0 likes

70 degrees and I love Aveeno lotion

Maranda L 0 likes

My LO is 5 months and so we are keeping it at 72. She's comfy. We use baby aveeno on her and regular aveeno on me!

Annie H 1 like

Thank you! Thank you all so much!!

Lisa M 0 likes

67-70..Baby Aveno Lotion

Penny L 0 likes

We use coconut oil, the oil seems to stick and stay on the skin, whereas pastes seem to be easily rubbed off by clothes or absorbed into them.

Evette V 0 likes

The thermostat downstairs is set to 74 which gets it to 68 on our second floor. : /

Michaela R 0 likes

I use coconut oil and Aveeno baby lotion. I alternate each night. Good stuff

Masha M 0 likes

70. I use aveeno baby lotion mixed with coconut oil! That's used through out d year and it works winded on my LO skin. I even use it in out (hubby &mines)cream!

Mr. And Mrs. C 0 likes


Shey M 0 likes

70 pretty much all day- we have oil heating which is new to us because we are renting and our previous apartments have had gas heating. They say oil heating is better heat but I see no difference in heat. What I did experience though is the oil tank running out of oil on one occasion and then needing to be reset on another. Both times, I needed to call the oil company and have them come and fix the problem which was such a pain and we froze as we waited for their arrival. Johnson lavendar

Amanda W 0 likes

68-70 degrees. Eucerin Aquaphor. I use it on myself and on LO.

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