What do you guys think about swaddling and how and when to stop it?

Isabella's Momma 0 likes

I don't think u should or need to swaddle. In America it's very common but everywhere else it is something people r told not to do. Babies heart beats r irregular and by moving there body it regulates them in their sleep... I know it sounds crazy but I would look it up

Donna A 0 likes

All 3 of my babies slept so much better with swaddles. I stopped saddling when they could roll over.

Teria B 0 likes

I stopped when my son kicked out of his, and cried lol, I liked swaddling him, I used a blanket tho instead of the swaddles

Cortney M 0 likes

Swaddling was great for our LO. We swaddled until about 5 mo when he started breaking out of it 😊

Babyboy15 0 likes

My DS loves being swaddled at night. I'd say we'll stop when he seems to stop liking it. Already we have to free him sometimes because he's fighting it so hard

Kasey B 0 likes

My little man is almost 3 months and I use the swaddle to calm him when he gets really upset. Used to swaddle at night too but he doesn't need it anymore

M D 0 likes

And when you stopped, did you just stop. My daughter loves it can sometimes bust out but doesn't know how to fall asleep with her arms out. Has a hard time with it. The second I reswaddle she falls right asleep.

Ashley S 0 likes

My daughter loves to be swaddled. I'm nervous for the day when she can roll over. I might just leave her arms out when that happens.

M D 0 likes

My daughter can roll over but she never tries in the swaddle. I don't get it.

Caitlin V 0 likes

Mine both hated it past the first two weeks.

Lauren A 1 like

My LO loves it! He's almost four months (will be on Tuesday) and still sleeps soundly in it. When he starts to wiggle out he tends to wake up easier. There are weighted blankets that could help, I personally haven't used them, but when the time comes I may try them.

Tara B 0 likes

Swaddle until they don't like it or when they can roll over (which ever comes first). Once they can roll over, switch to a sleep blanket.

Liamsmommy 2 0 likes

We swaddled until about 3 months then he started rolling over so we switched to wearable blankets he sleeps great every night!

M D 0 likes

How was he when you switched over ?

Margaret T 0 likes

I loved it! But when our girl started trying to roll over we stopped for safety reasons. We missed swaddling but didn't want to take that risk. I think that was around 3-4 months...

Aaren G 0 likes

My son has been in either a sleep slack or a halo swaddler since birth which we just love! They are a little pricey but definitely worth it. He's nearly four months and still does fine with sleeping in them. (I've always kept his arms OUT of the swaddles)

Jessica 0 likes

My pediatrician says don't do it so after my first well baby with my 2nd child my pediatrician said not to do it cause then they start depending on it so I immediately stopped. And I never did with my first child.

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