What do you all think of the mumps vaccination, there's conflicting opinions I've been hearing.. And what age do u do it

Out N 1 like

Dd has it but that was before I did research. LO won't be getting it and dd won't get a second

Diana C 8 likes

Follow Drs schedule for all vaccines here. I couldn't handle knowing they might get such a disease when there is prevention.

Keisha S 1 like

After doing research I am against ALL vaccines... I DO NOT trust Merk or any other big Pharma.. MMR is one of the most dangerous vaccines.. I strongly believe in natural immunity!!

His M 0 likes

I know for the state of texas the mumps vaccine is required to start school. Im sure most states require the same thing....

Crystal Q 3 likes

First dose is given at 12 months usually (we delayed till my LO was 15 months as I didn't want him having both the mmr & Dtap at the same appointment) & the second at 4 years ... I'm pro-vaccine (I couldn't live with myself if my LO caught something I could have prevented or lessened the severity of) though, with the exception of the flu shot

Linsi M 7 likes

It part of the MMR & with the measles outbreak if you want your LO protected against the measles....it's kinda part of the package. Like Diana said, I wouldn't want my LO to get something I knew damn well could've been prevented.

Ashley M 2 likes

I always believe that if there is an opportunity for a vaccine then take it. The alternative is far worse

Out N 0 likes

Not true you can get then separated if you want.

SquishyMommy1 0 likes

We personally don't vaccinate at all.

SquishyMommy1 0 likes

All states have vaccine exemptions. You do not have to be vaccinated to attend public school.

SquishyMommy1 1 like

Sandy unfortunately Merck stopped making the separated MMR in 2011

Erin G 6 likes

I'll always choose SCIENCE and FACTS over a celebrity's voice and false articles over autism. Benefits outweigh the risks by far. If you think there's something "poisonous" in the vaccine, then your "natural immunity" against all diseases should be able to fight off the little vaccine. I never understood that logic that anti-vaxxers make.

S M 3 likes

My LO will be getting all vaccines. There is reason why we don't have many epidemics in this country and it's because of vaccines. I would not be able to live with myself if she got something that could be prevented. And if she's not vaccinated and catches something I don't want her giving it to other people like infants and the elderly and people with auto immune diseases who can not be vaccinated.

Danie M 1 like

Google how many died before the mmr vaccine was available and how many after and and also how many have adverse reactions to the vaccine

Jaimee H 1 like

Vaccinated children can spread the virus to non and vaccinated children... Just something to think about

Out N 0 likes

Danielle with you not wanting her to give things to people. It is very possible to be contagious for up to 2 weeks after live vaccines.

Julia : 3 likes

Please vaccinate. Look what happened in the NHL with the mumps. And those guys visited the children's hospital here in PA before they knew they had Mumps. Trust your dr, not Google. They didn't have 8 years worth of college and a 3 year residency for nothing. And I guarantee their information is better than what you would get from Google. I've never met a dr who doesn't vaccinate their own children.

S M 1 like

And children who aren't vaccinated can spread it as well. There is an incubation period when you have the disease but you don't even know you have it. So you go around in public spreading it. At least when my child is vaccinated I know to keep her home for a little while. Double edged sword. If an illness can be prevented why not do that?

Monica S 0 likes

Thank you all for your opinions! Gives something to think about

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