What do yll do when your kids go hop into bed with you in the middle of the night? I think my husband overreacts! He gets really mad and goes sleeps on the couch. And in the morning he always gets mad at me for letting our 3yr old get into bed with us (which is not all the time 🙄)

Bri 4 likes

We allow it unless someone is sick or having a real rough night in which We lay in her bed with her. My 4 yr old comes gets in bed with us almost every night around 4-5 am. My husband just tells her hi and rolls over. He's said he doesn't really care bc one day she won't want to cuddle. He's happy she goes to bed in her own bed for the first 8-9 hours which gives us time alone.

Grey&Meli M 2 likes

Honestly half the time he doesn't even realize he comes into bed with us. Lol he doesn't mind it unless our son is rolling around & playing instead of sleeping. We just tell him he needs to try & stay in his bed every night lol

ProudMommy O 2 likes

We tell him majority of the time to go back to his bed it's mostly me just because it becomes a habit and it's tough to break. We just got our youngest (1yr) use to sleeping in his own room and in his crib. My fiancé doesn’t mind for it being “sometimes” but if it becomes a habit he will take him back himself

Brandi T 2 likes

I put our son back in his bed but that is getting exhausting getting up so many times. Here lately I've been letting him sleep with his dad & I go to his room. He has twin bed he's 4.

JVP 2 likes

My husband is the same way!! So now we do “whoever is in moms bed first” 😂 I make him sleep on couch. Honestly they will one day no longer come into my bed. The thought makes me so sad!

Mommy And M 2 likes

We just circumvent it altogether and let him cosleep unless he wants to sleep in his bed which he does sometimes too. I think eventually when he feels secure enough sleeping alone he will

Kassidy 2 likes

My sometimes 4yr old gets in our bed but its no issue he does it about 3 times a month but my husband leaves for work at 330am so most of the time he's not even here when he creeps in

Tiffany P 2 likes

Melissa P. Why don't you tell your husband to move him? If he gets that upset then maybe do something about it. Your lo won't always want to sleep with you. Eventually they grow out of it. I'd say every other night one of you takes lo back to bed. Parenting is a team effort. Not "the mother does everything".

Leslie H 2 likes

My husband never notices until he leaves for work lol but he really doesn't care. She could have (and always does) her feet in his face and he won't budge lol. I don't like it though 😭 i like my space but I'm way too tired to move her

JustinJr’s M 1 like

Put her back in her room

Melissa F 2 likes

Tiffany Palmer believe me I've tried, and his reply “I'm too tired and sleepy” 🙄

Melissa F 1 like

Bri ae I love that! That's what I tell him, that he won't always be able to cuddle!

Stacey * 2 likes

I put them back in their bed. If they seem like they needed me for a bit I'll lay with them very rarely will I let them sleep in bed with us as it has been a hard habit to break in the past. (They are 6 and almost 5) My hubby never notices them when they used too get in bed with us in the morning he’d be like how'd they get in here. I'm like you didn't feel them climb all over you to get in 😂.

Out N 2 likes

Mine sleep with is when they want to. The younger 2 are every night the older one maybe 1 time a month

Nikki M 3 likes

Sometimes we move her back to her bed. Sometimes we just cuddle. She likes to hold my face. So I left her sleep with me. Lol.

I•❤️•my• k 4 likes

We let her. If my husband can't sleep because of it, he goes her bed

Hayden's M 1 like

Our 3 year okd does this lots. It honestly used to annoy me but now he just comes in and most of the time don't even notice. I'm hoping by 4-5 years old hell outgrow it 😂

Elli B 1 like

I cuddle her about 20 mins and take her back. We cannot sleep together, she is a heater & we both move too much lol its so uncomfortable.

Rebekah M 1 like

My 4 year old slept with us until recently when my almost 2 year old started to try to sleep with us too. Now they share a futon and can cuddle together 😂 there is some nights when one is sick or has a bad dream and I'll go cuddle in their bed with them until they falll back asleep. My husband didn't mind my oldest In the bed if I kept him on my side but if I put him in the middle and he kicked my husband I'd never hear the end of it 🙄

Proud M 1 like

He just sleeps in our bed. We tried the whole stay in your bed deal but after no sleep for mom a few days in a row I said 🤬 that. At least I can sleep when he's sleeping next to me and I don’t have to constantly drag him back to his bed 3,000 times and we both just end up crying anyways. 😂 if your hubby is so upset then HE can get up each and every time he comes in and take him back to his own bed.

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