What did you guys do to camouflage your hair regrowth after postpartum hair loss?

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Not much you can do besides cut bangs.one thing that does help though with short flyaways is to take a toothbrush, spray it with hairspray then smooth them down. It smooths your hair without making it weighed down and gunky

Kali G 0 likes

I have two kids an my hair is so thick idk if I even lost any after birth lmao.. I actually had to get mine thinned out after I had them.. Felt like it got thicker if anything! 😂😖

R S 1 like

It is horrible! I hate mine and got bangs

Mommy O 1 like

Ugh mine is growing back and looks horrible 😫

Mak3 W 0 likes

My hair got think just won't grow now

Megan 1 like

Omg same problem. I use surface taffy whip. It helps some!

Monique S 0 likes

Omg I have the same problem!!! I just started using just a little bit of gel and it has helped. Get Gel and just put very little on those baby hairs to blend them in and push them back

Monique S 0 likes

Good luck!!

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