What did you crave most during pregnancy?

Josie 3 likes

Water and Tacos

sarah E 2 likes

#1 was cheese pizza! #2 was peanut butter!

JVP 3 likes

1st crab legs 2nd chipotle And corona.

Jovannis M 1 like

Bread! I actually got cut off by the waitress once!

Samantha L 1 like

Chocolate 😍

Kylee P 1 like

Pickles, French fries and hamburgers

Ava's M 1 like

I just wanted junk food. Everything that was bad for me, I wanted it 😂

Taylor S 2 likes

Lemons. And LO(9 months) LOVES them. And has since about 6 months when I let him try them.

Brianna f 2 likes

Nerds, Blow Pops, Arnold Palmers

Kim M 3 likes

Ice 😩😩 I was pregnant in the dead of winter walking around in public with a cup of ice chips lol

Penguin M 1 like

Pistachios and pistachio ice cream

Renee â 2 likes

Mostly pizza

Tamara A 1 like

Chocolates ❤️🍫

Katelyn❤️ E 4 likes

Gain dish soap! Never ate it though I'd smell it all day on the sink though


Ketchup !!! 😒😒 gags.** And it only had to be from McDonalds. I hate ketchup now lol

Rebecca P 1 like

Bosco sticks lol ew

Ariana A 1 like

Anything salty and ketchup !!! And I basically ate cereal for breakfast lunch dinner most days lol

Kristy 2 likes

Anything sweet lol

Danyell B 1 like

Mac n cheese, and cantaloupe

Marcie â 1 like

Strawberries and lots of candy/sweets...never used to eat candy! Also any kind of lemony dessert.

Adriel's Mama 1 like

Limes!! Lol I would literally come home and cut up many and eat them now my LO loves them!! No faces or nothing oops lol☺️

K M 1 like

Cesar salad! Taco Bell soft tacos and cucumbers!

Stephanie P 1 like

Oranges!!! And peanut m&ms! I had an Orange 4 times a day for about 2 months!!! Thank goodness I worked next to a farmers market lol

April F 1 like

Chicken nuggets

Kat G 1 like

Bagels and cream cheese. Weirdest was that Lucas pelon pelo Rico candy.

Sarah W 2 likes

Chicken crispitos from the gas station! Super random!

Amy D 1 like

Ice cream and peanut butter

Lindsay D 1 like

Spaghetti and honey mustard!

Alicia H 1 like

Pizza... Every morning lol

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