What creams work best for dry facial skin and baby acne? My LO is 8 weeks old

Abby W 0 likes

I found that olive oil worked well.

May Mama C 0 likes

What a cutie!!! I put coconut oil on my little one and he hasn't had any issues with his skin. It helps with diaper rash as well. I love coconut oil!!!😜

Christina R 1 like

I live by coconut oil! It moisturizes, is natural and doesn't clog pores! Since it's also antibacterial it can kill bacteria. Buy the natural UNREFINED coconut oil as that's more for your skin needs! Refined is for cooking!

Mommy L 0 likes

I had the same issue. Honestly just giving my LO bath every night and letting him swim for 20 minutes has cleared up most of it.

Salina A 1 like

Breastmilk if your breast feeding for the acne and coco nut oil for dry skin

Brooke B 0 likes

I used eczema cream. I just bought the off brand from Walmart. My daughters skin around that age was so dry and she would get little red patches. It really helped her face clear up!

immortelle 1 like

Aveeno eczema bath and lotion. Amazon has a $1 coupon for Aveeno products or they did yesterday and the prices were better than in store

Alexis P 0 likes

I've been using aveeno lotion for my sons face he has a little bit of baby acne. But I see a lot of people saying coconut oil I'm going to try it πŸ‘

Michaun C 0 likes

Baby aquaphor works miracles on my son's bad eczema! Also aveeno eczema lotion!

Maggie F 0 likes

Don't know how to help with the acne, but damn, that's one cute baby!! :-)

Julia T 0 likes

I used lanolin!!! It's the best!

Rebecca R 0 likes

Coconut oil is my bff! What a little darling!!

Mekel M 0 likes

Oh my goodness, how precious! We used coconut oil

Jen M 0 likes

Aquaphor/cetaphil and/or coconut oil. I prefer coconut oil but our pediatrician had recommended cetaphil. I just like natural remedies better. Our LO got reeaally bad dry, red bumps all over his face that seemed to start as acne. We did a few days of hydrocortisone which cleared it up right away but made his skin very thin, and now I'm just using a warm wet washcloth to clean his face and then I apply a thin layer of coconut oil.

Lindsey S 0 likes

OMG gimme himmmm!!! So cute! Aquaphor I live by it.

Gail G 0 likes

Coconut oil

Adrianne L 0 likes


Amanda G 0 likes

I use either aquafor or lanolin cream

Raelynn O 0 likes

What a cute baby!!!! I don't have advice I just think your baby is sweet lol

Karla D 0 likes

All natural lavender stick!!

Aimee A 0 likes

OMG he's so cute ☺️

Jules L 0 likes

What a cutie!!!! I use cetaphil and Vaseline. Never tried coconut oil probably should use it now since my LO has eczema too!!!

Christina B 0 likes

We got a sample of Aveeno and it works great!

Jamie 0 likes

So cute

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