What can I safely give my 4 year old to boost his immune system. It seems like he constantly is picking up stuff at school. He takes gummy vitamins but are there other natural things I could incorporate?

Kay's M 4 likes

Elderberry! Ever since I started giving it to Kay she hasn't gotten sick at all. The last time she was sick was Christmas with a cold.

Mommy And M 2 likes

Kay's Mommy I've heard about that but is that a supplement? Like how do I give to him? Can I do a gummy vitamin kind of deal with it?

Nikki M 4 likes

I use an essential oil blend for my 3 y/o.

Logan's M 3 likes

I second the elderberry. Fewer colds, and when he has gotten them they're much less severe. They have it in gummy form!

V R 4 likes


Kay's M 1 like

Yeah you can get it in gummy form. Zarbees brand has gummy elderberry.

Out N 1 like

Elderberry syrup. Homemade or handmade is best. The premade ones have added sugars ect In them.

Cali^Mom 0 likes

Elderberry syrup and a probiotic

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