What can I eat more of to increase my milk supply? I pump during work about 3 times and breastfeed when I'm home. But I heard a couple moms can have several days/weeks saved up. I just have enough for him to eat on for the next day. Please help :) he's 2 1/2 months and he does really good at breastfeeding I think it's just my lack of eating the right stuff. Thanks!

Carlye M 1 like

Not sure of what you can eat, but you need to make sure you eat enough calories to keep your supply up. Breastfeeding mom's need more calories then normal. Also, drink a lot of water!

Lindsey P 1 like

I would feed my LO from just one side then pump the other side in order to build up my home supply. I had the same problem, barely had enough stocked up to get through one day, and this was the only thing I could do to make sure he was fed but I was able to pump enough as well. Good luck mama!

Beth M 0 likes

I use the mothers milk tea. It's good for that. I do put honey cause it doesn't have the best taste. Also fennel and fennel seed. If u don't like licorice tho u might not like that. I just googled it and saw all that. If u drink 3 cups a day of the tea it works pretty good. Fennel is also a good colic aid.

Tanya B 0 likes

Water, water, and more water! It's very important along with ensuring you're taking in enough good calories. Oatmeal has been known to help so start with a big bowl each morning. Good luck!

Nancy D 1 like

Im having the same exact problem, i pump at work and nurse at home but i usually only get enough to feed her while im gone.

ProudMom M 1 like

lots of vegetables especially carrots n spinach also fruits and oatmeal if u can eat oatmeal 3 times a day and drink lots of water and keep on breastfeeding him the more u put him on n the more u pump the more your supply will go up also go to baby r us and buy u some lactation oatmeal cookies they work wonders good luck mama keep up the good work

Casey W 0 likes

You can eat oatmeal, almonds, leafy greens, avocado, fennel and other nutrient rich foods. Make sure you are getting about 500 calories more than you would normally eat. You can add brewers yeast to salads, cookies, stews, etc. I found it at whole foods. You can also take fenugreek capsules, they helped me a lot!

ProudMom M 1 like

also try to pump early in the morning thats when we produce more milk so u can pump it out n save it!

ProudMom M 1 like

also make sure u eat food with high water content: watermelon,cantalope,strawberries, blueberries,and pineapple. Squash, spinach.

Melissa W 1 like

If you want to try some supplements fenugreek and mothers milk tea help. Also rubbing fennel oil on your breasts avoiding the nipple area. Last, pump after a shower or after applying a warm washcloth will help your body let down more milk.

Judith D 0 likes

You can pick up some fenugreek at wal mart it work

Jakesmom0203 C 0 likes

Thanks ladies! I'm going to try a couple of these :)

Kim G 0 likes

I've heard a bowl of oatmeal in the morning..also try drinking mothers milk tea..I have a good supply but started drinking it to help build up a freezer stash.it has worked wonderfully

Rachel M 0 likes

Water makes milk.

Arielle T 0 likes

I pump every 2-3 hours. It helps build milk supply. I've had to exclusively pump from the beginning since my son wouldn't latch. I also drink mothers milk tea, drink plenty water and most oats help with milk production.

ProudMom M 0 likes

where do u guys find the mother milk tea? i have a good supply but i would love to try the tea

Jakesmom0203 C 0 likes

I heard you can find the mothers tea on amazon. I'm going to try it :) thanks everyone for answering.

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Try taking Alfalfa.

Jennifer M 0 likes

My doc said nonalcoholic beer... It worked for me!

Teri L 0 likes

Pump a little out before breastfeeding to build up your supply and pump the remains after each session. I did a lot of this when I was at home. With my job pumping sometime becomes a struggle so I had a good supply before I went back and I'm hanging in after 3 weeks but man my boobs hurt!

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