What can I do to help my daughter self soothe herself to sleep? She only wants to sleep when I'm near her... And She only likes my breast as a pacifier to go to sleep I have to slip the pacifier in her mouth when she dose off luckily she spits it out during her sleep? Also she is having a tough time when I leave her at her grandmas house (husbands mom) she cries on and off the entire time ... Help.... All tips and tricks are welcome.... I'm open to constructive criticism if needed ... Thx!

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Sounds like it's gonna just take a few days of consistent patient trial and error. Mine went through that so for a weekend my only goal was to get him where he would settle on his own and be content not being held. Was a long weekend but worked and now we are both better for it. I started by using rock n play. I would hold til almost asleep but not fully. Put pacifier in while holding him then set him in rock n play. When he would cry I would talk to him and rock him in rock n play for a few

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Seconds before picking him up. I do not believe in cry it out this young so I wouldn't just leave him. Just a minute of trying to get him to settle on his own with me there coaxing him. Then if pick him up and do it again. Took about an afternoon but eventually his time down and content got longer and longer. Now he's fine being put down and hanging out awake or falling asleep without me there. The book baby wise has some good suggestions even if you don't do it later for sleep training the

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Suggestions to help content baby away from you is helpful. Good luck momma you will get there. Just lots of time and patience actively working on it.

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Thank you Gwen!

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Also maybe try a couple different brands of pacifier if he isn't taking one. Mine wouldn't at first I had avent brand. Then I went and bought a pack of two other kinds. He took the mam brand right away. The nipples on them are different depending on brand. So part of the problem might be the feel of the one you are using. Just a thought.

Alicia R 1 like

I've used avent sge didn't care for that... She uses tommee tippee only able to sleep with that one it supposedly feels like a nipple

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Are u swaddling? And then put on the nature sounds like the heartbeat. We used that with our son til he was like one years old... Slept thru the entire night. Also have u tried a swing? My son loved his. When he slept during the day it was the best thing ever

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Paci helps reduce SIDS I let my little man sleep with but not so much in the day and letting them comfort suck is really bad for teeth but try a fan or I got a baby shh er thingy lol it just goes shhhhh shhhhh and has two timers

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My daughter won't take a pacifier and was a comfort feeder I started to taking her off the breast a bit at a time making the sessions at night shorter and no it's not easy she would cry and I would either rock her or pat her booty which she loves we just transition to the crib and the same thing happen the first two or three days were rough but now she sleeps in her crib and only wakes up once a night

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Also some paci aren't long enough my little man likes the hospital the ones with plastic base seem to short and when it slips out of his mouth he wakes up. :/ also some babies like comfort blankets

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Pop them into bed happy, only pick them up to settle I they look like they have lost it and couldn't calm themselves.. The pick them up resettle and pop them back into bed, say night night, leave the room.. Wait until they have lost it again and repeat.. And basically keep doing that until they realise that you are there and will help, but that this is the sleeping arrangement.. They do get it after a day or so I promise

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Self soothing takes time, patience and consistency. It's a new skill she has to learn. Try laying her down when she's drowsy and don't rush to pick her up when she cries (especially when you can tell it's a drowsy cry or crying in her sleep). I leave her in her crib, sit next to it and snuggle her and rub her back sometimes, but I don't pick her up. That's started working to calm her enough for her to sit back down then lay down and go back to sleep. Just have to give her time to figure it out.

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