What are your thoughts on unschooling?

Ashley B 3 likes

What's that??

Jessica D 1 like

What? Never heard of it.

MamaBear 1 like

I'm wondering the same. I've never heard of it before either.

Mama J 1 like

I like the idea :)

Lauren S 1 like


Farah B 1 like

What's that?

JustinJr’s M 1 like

What is that !!

Thalias Mommy 1 like

i never heard of this either??

Out N 1 like

I like the idea of it as a temporary thing. But not as a long term plan. It is supose to teach awsome life skills

New M 1 like

I googled i like the idea not long term but seems important its been 9 years now since I've graduated and hardly have used anything in my daily life that method seems like you can draw more from it

JVP 1 like

Thalias Mommy JustinJr’s Mommy Farah Brya Lauren S MamaBear Jessica D Ashley B https://www.naturalchild.org/articles/guest/earl_stevens.html

Hudson & Hunter’s M 1 like

Not a fan of the idea. You let the child learn what they want. I would never have learned any math if if were up to me. I feel kids need to be well rounded in their learning.

Kat E 2 likes

I think some parts of it have value, but for the most part it isn't a good overall schooling technique. For example, I think it's good to say “hey we're going to study social studies today by going to this national park” but then while at said national park if kids really are interested in a particular plant or animal, taking extra time to study that. But if their entire learning is based on their interests, what happens if they don’t want to read? Or learn math?

Kat E 2 likes

Then decide they want to be a doctor at 16? Well now its really difficult to learn what you need to learn to do what you want to do. There are so many foundational things they haven't learned in math and science and literacy that it will take years to catch up. Plus, when they get older it’s harder to learn new things. I think if there's a homeschool foundation so they learn what they need, then you can throw in the option of learning it in the order they want to some degree.

Logan's M 4 likes

I think the idea of unschooling can be satisfied with elective courses. Core courses should be a must for every student. How is a child supposed to know they love science if they're never required to take a science class? Core courses provide the necessary foundation for students to build their individual interests upon.

Lauren S 1 like

So true Logan's Momma

AAJ C 1 like

I like the concept but of course you need the core classes, for me it would enable my STEM enthusiast child to do more of that plus the reading, writing, social studies, ect. Plus the added luxury of being able to teach important things they won't get at school such as budgeting, cursive writing, important household things like fixing a door, ect.

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