What are your thoughts on drinking alcohol at a baby's 1st birthday? I'm having my daughters party at my parents house and my mom is buying beer and it just doesn't feel right at all. Am I being too uptight/lame? I use to drink but since having my daughter I have chosen not to because "be the example" and addiction runs in the family. I know that no one is going to be getting drunk etc and I'm ok with people drinking in front of my daughter but this feels weird. Thoughts?

JVP 3 likes

Beer & wine is fine! (: is allowed all other things after kids were asleep.

Caitlin F 3 likes

If you don't like it then don't let there be alcohol there

Megan C 4 likes

As long as no one gets out of control i dont see a problem with it.

L M 6 likes

It's YOUR daughters party, not your moms, which means YOU get to decide whether or not you want alcohol there. If you're uncomfortable with it, lay down the law to your mom. You get to decide what happens. It's a birthday party, not a wedding. Ultimately it's your choice.

V R 4 likes

I don't see a problem, as long as your guests are responsible.

Tania T 4 likes

I say no that's just my opinion because it's a child's event, but even more so because you don't want it there and you are the mama and have the right to say what is ok and not ok to have

Mariah N 2 likes

I understand why it doesn't feel right. The focus should be on your daughter, not on a field party. Haha if you end up deciding you don't want it then just explain to her that it's a kids birthday party, not an adult one.

Kae V 0 likes

She was thinking because there will most likely be a hockey or baseball game on and so some people would like to have a beer with their pizza. The reason I haven't flat out said no is only because she's been nice enough to allow us to have it at her house. I didn't want it over here because we have three dogs and it would be too hectic.

Vickie P 1 like

Beer and wine is ok in my opinion as long as no one get obliterated. You're all responsible adults and I don't think it's a big deal, I'll have alcohol at my son's birthday party BBQ in August, but it's your choice.

Clare B 2 likes

I feel like they should wait to drink till after the party. It's an event to celebrate your LO and she won't be drinking so why should everyone else. They should respect that

Mama P 0 likes

If you're not ok with it or it makes you uncomfortable, share your thoughts with your mom. Personally, my son's 1 year party is coming up too & I'm going to have beer & wine there.He's too young to even know what it is and the rest of us enjoy a few drinks here or there.It's not like we're getting "hammered". To each their own tho. ☺️

Kae V 0 likes

Yeah I may just leave well enough alone. She is too young to know...

Crystal Q 2 likes

For me it's a child's party & alcohol shouldn't be present - the focus should be on the LO & other kids present. Once the party itself is over then I don't see an issue.

Ashley L 1 like

I think it's a little strange, but I guess it depends on how laid back the family is.

. . 1 like

What we do is have 3 hours for kids to do whatever they want. Later on during the day is when we open the bar up. If you don't like alcohol being served say something. ☺️ doesn't hurt to express your feelings.

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