What are your thoughts on circumcision? My LO will almost be 2 months and I can't decide??

Jessica C 5 likes

I got my son circumcised. I believe in it 100%.

Perfectly M 0 likes

I think it's awesome. I would never not do it! There are always risks. But to me they're no greater than risks of vaccines or medicines.

Carrie W 0 likes

I would

Erin C 2 likes

I say yes. Not to follow social pressure too much but it will be easier on him through school (gym class not sexual) but more importantly it cuts back on the bacteria in that area decreasing the amount of possible infections. Ultimately the decision is yours. My husband is not but we have decided that our son will be. He is due in May.

Brooke K 3 likes

Have you talked to the dad? I think this is something the male should help deciding.

Khati R 0 likes

I got my son circumcised when he was two days old, he had no problems.

Danie M 0 likes

I'm for it... If you plan on getting it done do it soon so the urologist can just do it in his office instead of an O.R.

Shana V 0 likes

Fully believe in getting my son circ'd. He was two days and did it before we left the hospital.

Michelle W 0 likes

I got mine done when he was a week old, no problems after, healed up nice and no change in attitude with my son😊

Jessica T 0 likes

I'm all for it! My boy did great. They usually only cry for a minute and are sleeping by the time they leave the room where it's done! It's so much better in the long run. I agree, though, ask the father!!

Gabby S 3 likes

I do not agree with it. In my personal opinion I think it is unnecessary as long as you are on top of making sure he stays clean and also teach him the importance of taking care of himself.

Linsi M 0 likes

The longer you wait, the harder it is. If you wait too long they actually have to be put under general anesthesia. I don't have a son, but if I did or do in the future, I would have it done (in the hospital if possible) without question. I worked in a birth center & have seen a lot of them done & even that doesn't deter me. Good luck with your decision.

Kylie-Ann M 0 likes

I would! Think of how he'd feel compared to all the other "normal" boys when it's time to start noticing that kind of stuff. That an think of your own personal experiences with uncircumcised men.

Jessica A 0 likes

I believe it.My cousin and I had babies around the same time and she's all about motherhood the old days.. Meaning she doesn't use anything modern. she doesn't use any technology like swings or playful things. She doesn't even believe in having a tv !!anyway she didn't get her son circumcised but I did and within 2 months her baby got a bad painful infection down there:( my baby has never had any problems. Infections don't always happen but I guess there more prone to getting one?

Allison L 5 likes

The foreskin has over 20,000 nerve endings that are getting chopped off leaving only 8,000 in the head o the penis. Everyone talks about looking the same as the dad or how it is supose to help for medical reasons as adults but no one ever talks about the sexual ramifications as adults. Nature put it there for a reason. Leave it be unless a religious reason makes it nessary. But that's our families opinion. Everyone has they're own thoughts on it and it's a personal choice

Alison P 2 likes

I know several guys who who wished they had been circumcised. One even went to be circumcised in his 20's and it hurt for weeks after because it's worse to get it removed the older you are.

Becky W 0 likes

I would go on and do it. The longer you wait, the harder it'll be. Uncircumcised are more prone to infections, and you would have to work at keeping it clean. I learned that from working as a CNA.

Shiree C 3 likes

2 of my sons are and we didn't circ my now 2 month old. I never liked circumcision with my first 2 boys and did my research and defiantly decided against it. To be honest this should be your and the fathers decision. Don't let anyone pressure you either way. Do the research and decide for yourselves.

Ellyn P 0 likes

This is so hard to decide for your boy. I had my son circumcised at two days old bc I really tried to consider what he would want as a boy and as a man. I can't be positive that I made the right decision for him but I have met men who wish they had been circumcised because it was painful when they were older and decided to do it on their own. And although I'm sure there are some men who wish they had the decision I have yet to meet one that wishes they were uncircumcised. I can see both sides.

Mommy Of T 1 like

I totally believe in getting it done!! My opinion is just get it done I. The hospital. My son had it done the day he was born

Kayleigh D 0 likes

I got my son circumcised. It cuts down the risks on infection, it isn't too hard to take care of, and I personally think being circumcised has a more appealing look than otherwise - but that's just my opinion.

Shiree C 4 likes

And by the way I wouldn't make a decision such as this based on whether he will get made fun of in gym class. Also circumcision does not cut down on bacteria. Cleanliness is cleanliness whether circumcised or not.

Kayleigh D 0 likes

As for the comment about the sexual ramifications as an adult, if you do it as a baby, he won't notice the difference between the nerve endings. It will still feel pleasurable to him and he won't feel any loss because he never felt it with the full 20,000 nerve endings.

Nae M 2 likes

I am completely against it! But I'm not going to go on a rant. It was put there for a reason. It serves no medical reason for removing it and you wouldn't remove the skin covering your daughters private area either. The only circumcised person I know is the father of my boys and he was all for leaving the their penises in tact. I have a word for circumcision but it causes uproars even though it is the definition. So I hope you make the best decision for YOUR family and not pressured.

Ceza K 1 like

My SO and I battled this with our LO. We were going to leave him uncircumcised until my aunt told me about my cousin. Was a bit tmi but even with y aunt teaching him how to keep it clean and telling him to keep it clean he was a preteen who didn't listen. His got infected and the infection spread. She didn't go into detail but it's your choice. I had my son circ

Rijvana P 1 like

YES!!! Pleas get it. Little baby less pain. Once he will be older he will never get it because of the pain he will have to go through. Right now he got NO CHOICE. u make his decisions. And plus think of the long term, u can save him from MANY diseases. U r his momma so do what's best for him (in long term). Go get him circumcised!!

Millie B 0 likes

My SO and I couldn't decide whether or not to do it, and after a month we decided not to. I did heaps of research and decided there wasn't a huge benefit in doing so. And I couldn't bear to see my LO in pain. The longer you wait, the worse it is

Vickie P 2 likes

Me and my husband also discussed whether ccing our son and decided against it. In the end there's no real reason (other than religious beliefs) to get it done. I don't believe the cleanliness argument only because cleanliness is cleanliness whether you're cced or not. We'll teach our son good hygiene regardless.

Car P 2 likes

I agree there is no reason. Research does not say uncircumcised boys will have increased infections, that is 100 percent false. The rates of cc are decreasing in the USA, to only 50 percent so don't worry about gym class and esthetics. There is now preliminary research out suggesting that putting your boy through something so traumatic at a young age can cause other ailments down the road.

Ann 0 likes

The way we look at it is if it's there, it's there for a reason.

Danica A 1 like

It's NOT less pain when they are babies! They just don't understand or remember it that little. It's the same pain if they're 2 mo or 20 yrs. We didn't get my youngest circumcised. His father and big brother could not get it done as infants due to a birth defect they both had and don't regret it one bit. So we decided to let him go without the pain too.

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