What are your thoughts about boy/girl play dates? School aged? Good idea or no? My 8 year old daughter who's 8 has a friend a boy who's also 8 and want to have a play date at his house. My thoughts are play dates are fine but pick a public spot say a plan for parents to meet at the park with the kids instead of his house or our house. I don't think having boy friends are bad but playdates should be a little different.. What u think?)

BoyMom 0 likes

I would let her go. She's only 8 years old... Make sure there will be parent supervision, other than that I wouldn't have an issue with it

Chrissy A 0 likes

My daughter is nine and she has had her best friend that's a boy since they started school together as he lives right down the street. They play all the time and never feel I have to watch to closely as every time I see em it's always normal hang out, but there is a boy that just moved across the street that always comes over to play her video games.. Nice boy, but is older and I don't feel right. He should have friends his own age and leave my daughter alone.

Charo C 0 likes

My 10 year old son has two girl friends he goes over to play with or vice versa

Kelsey H 0 likes

I think it's fine as long as they are at the same stage developmentally! It's probably a good thing, actually, because it will help your daughter and her friend to see that boys and girls can get along and play just fine. Growing up my best friend was a boy, and as a child nothing inappropriate ever crossed my mind!

Meg C 1 like

I think it's good for different genders to play together. You know your daughter best so you can tailor the play date depending on your her maturity and developmental level.

Jessica F 0 likes

I think it is a good thing! It would help kids to respect the opposite sex, my best friend from baby to high school was a boy! We were fine and never did anything inappropriate.

Angelica J 0 likes

I feel like it will help your daughter see herself as an equal to males because she will grow up not being coddled or segregated.

Jennifer D 0 likes

Absolutely! I was raised by my dad, and had a lot of male friends @ an early age.

Aprilbaby 0 likes

I wouldn't worry about the friend as much as the parents of the friend. Do you know them well? I wouldn't let me kid go until I felt comfortable with the parents. CrAzy world these days. That said opposite sex friends are good for kids. Growing up all my friends were guys.

Nicole H 0 likes

I guess it's definitely more of the parents I would be hesitant with. The boy seems nice enough, we used to live 3 houses down and they would play at his house in the backyard or ours. His parents were more of come back when ur hungry type thing.. I think having guy friends are great. Maybe I will reconsider and maybe have the play date at our house... I don't want our daughter to feel shamed or guilty to be friends with a boy

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