What are your moms opinion on pacifiers? My LO is a month, today is the first dat giving her one just because she wouldn't stop crying. I'm not a fan of pacifiers but found myself giving in today. I don't want it to be a " tool" to sooth her. Nor do I want to fight the battle of her learning to self sooth later on in life. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Feel like I'm failing to teach her self sooth

Ash N 1 like

Soothie pacifiers are awesome

Sofie D 1 like

My dd uses a paci, she's 7 months. I don't really mind it. When the day comes when we will take it away, I will deal with it then.

Marlen E 0 likes

My pediatric told me pacifier is no good for teeth so what I did I give her a blankie with she can feel comfort and calm by her self

C B 0 likes

My LO used them, but she doesn't need them to sleep. She's 10 months.

Stephanie D 0 likes

My LO wouldn't take a paci even when I tried to give him one at 3 mos. I only found that it made him cry worse. One month is very young to make her self soothe. We're self soothing now at 6 months and it's going fine. Until 6 months I comforted him whenever needed.

Crystal Q 0 likes

We never gave a pacifier to my son - had agreed on it before even delivering him as we didn't want it to be a bad habit we had to worrying about breaking on down the line. He's been able to self soothe & was sleeping through the night at 3 weeks - all lo's are different though, so what works for one family doesn't for another

Stephanie D 3 likes

Don't be too hard on yourself mama. You're only one month in! Doing whatever gets you both through the day is most important! Fight your battles one at a time not ten at once because of what could happen in the future. If it helps today, that's great! Fight the paci battle when and if you need to later.

Katelynโค๏ธ E 0 likes

I didn't want my LO to use one when I was pregnant of her but she loves it and if it helps her be calm then why not โ˜บ๏ธ when the times right I will take it away from her but for now she's still going to use it it makes both of our life's easier lol it's been 6 months and she still loves it

Alicia H 0 likes

I let my son use a paci from the time we left the hospital. He doesn't need it to soothe himself but I like to use it for naps and sleep time because it reduces the risk of SIDS. If he takes it it's fine and if he doesn't we don't force it.

Danie M 2 likes

I'm for pacifiers.. Reduces SIDS by 90%.. Too me ifs definitely worth it for that reason alone ๐Ÿ˜€

Tessa H 1 like

My dd used one until she was 9-10 months and she gave it up on her own. It worked really well for us

N P 1 like

My little guy used one starting at 5 weeks old. Around 3-4 months he started sucking his thumb, and preferred his thumb to the pacifier. Around 6 months, he stopped sucking his thumb, and he never went back to the pacifier. No bad habits to break, he sleeps well on his own (9 months) and doesn't need his thumb or pacifier. You may find your baby doesn't need it anymore in a few months, but it may make your life easier in the meantime!

Samantha C 2 likes

We've used it since he was born..My son is 5 weeks and he doesn't always use want it but sometimes it calms him down and puts him right to sleep when we pop it in his mouth. I think for a lot of babies sucking is a comfort thing, like if you're nursing you may notice they will keep sucking even after they're done eating..but obviously you're not going to leave your nipple in there all day for it to get sore so a pacifier is a nice replacement!

Jess D 1 like

My daughter soothes herself with a pacifier. And it makes her feel better so I'm 100% in favor of using it.

Christine R 0 likes

Boy/girl twins: my son never wanted one. My daughter had one only in her crib for nap and bedtime until she was 12 months. Then she gave it up cold turkey. I don't think they are a bad thing unless the child has it 24/7 after they get teeth because it can mess up the alignment of the teeth and delay speech.

Chelsie R 0 likes

I was so against a paci. I hated seeing a 2 year old with one. They never talked and you can't see their beautiful smile. Now that I have a couple kids idk what I was thinking. Baby #3 soothes himself back to sleep. Doesn't cry non stop. I won't leave the house without it. He's 3 months now and he doesn't want it during the day anymore. Just when he sleeps. I am so ok with that.

Momma H 0 likes

She's only a month Id say whatever works for now... Sucking is a natural way for them to soothe... Actually one of the only things they can do now. I took my first child's away around 6months by then he had a favorite little blanket and was familiar with his room so he cried but cuddled his blanky to settle down.

JRT ! 0 likes

We're going through the same thing don't worry. Sometimes he'll take it and other times he gags on it. Not a fan either but i did a pro and con list and had more pros lol

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